Instagram may seriously consider updating it’s Personal privacy and Community Guidelines right after yet another famous peen has nearly damaged the internet!

The most recent impressive appendage causing the stir belongs to Riverdale actor Tag Consuelos , whose spouse Kelly Ripa appeared to unintentionally reveal just how much her spouse of 24 years (!!! ) is really packing — and sent fans right into a frenzy on Thursday since the now-viral upload made the particular rounds!

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The 50-year-old daytime TV host most likely had good intentions whenever she shared a carousel of images meant to emphasize her family’s commitment in order to dressing up for Halloween. The lady captioned her post:

“#tbt Halloween night is a family business here are a few faves over the years”

The couple’s 3 kids, Lola , Erina , and Joaquin are noticed throughout rocking some fairly cool costumes, but supporters could not take their interest off of one provocative picture featured their dad on the very end of the selection! Consuleos is seen laughing along with famed New York restaurant proprietor Bruce Bozzi in their complementing beige-colored Potato chips police outfits and well, let’s simply say we’re surprised this individual didn’t need a holster designed for that…

Mark Consuelos' d*ck is protruding through his old Costume! Yowza! and (c) Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Well, excuse us! There is no denying that G front and center. LOLz. You may not be able to see an apparent outline, but there’s simply no mistaking the size of the stick out in those tight trousers!

Thirsty social networking users hopped in the feedback section and mused:

“I understand where Ponch keeps their gun”

“Mark is packing a gun in the cop uniform

“Meow Mark lucky girl! ”

Lucky gurl, indeed. We know Ripa’s children won’t be happy regarding their parents showing off on the ‘gram again yet like we said, lots of followers couldn’t ignore that will BIG surprise!

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Tag had some fun dealing with the attention-grabbing pic, yet we’re not sure if this individual was embarrassed or just getting humble because he definitely offered himself short by activities:

“Full disclosure, I believe that’s certainly a shadow that’s leading to that bulging effect”

But the Live! with Kelly and Ryan host wasn’t letting the girl hubby off the hook plus respectfully disagreed:

“ummmmm baby are you currently seeing shadows? ”

Ha! Both of these are too cute — or even gross, depending on who you are asking, LOLz. Seriously even though, there’s no doubt in our thoughts the pair has been maintaining busy in quarantine following this cheeky little exchange.

The only question on this mind now is, what will they will decide to be for the vacations this year? Would going being an eggplant emoji be as well on the nose or exactly what, Perezious readers?

Share your reactions around (below) in the comments!

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