Yesterday, Kate Beckinsale’ s name made the rounds after she said on Howard Stern’ s SiriusXM show that she’ s got an IQ of 152 and believes being that smart was a hindrance to her career in Hollywood. Well, Kate has taken issue with certain publications that called her out for “ bragging” about her intelligence. And since she’ s so smart, she tore them a new one in a well-written Instagram dissertation.

Kate shared headlines from New York Post , The Cut , among others that made fun of her IQ comments, calling them a “ cringeworthy humble brag. ” And one headline read: “ Sounds Hard To Be This Hot And Smart. ” Kate went in, writing a THICK paragraph about how displeased she was with society’ s antics regarding smart women.

Kate pointed out that she was “ asked multiple times” about how exactly smart she is and she was in a “ dilemma: Tell the truth? Refuse to answer fully the question? Lie? Pretend it absolutely was lower? I told the truth and some journalists have been triggered by this. Are we really jumping on women for answering a question truthfully about their intelligence or education? Are we really still requiring women to dumb themselves down to be able not to offend? ” Kate said our reactions to her revelation is exactly what she meant when she said that being fully a smart woman is just a “ handicap. ”

“ When I said it’s been a handicap in Hollywood it’ s PRECISELY because being female AND having an opinion often must be quite vigilantly packaged so as never to be offensive or as in this case, deliberately twisted into signifying ones perceived superiority or arrogance. It’ s abundantly clear that this is still the case, and these journalists who spun this into me “ bragging” is just a part of the exact reason I say it absolutely was and is a handicap. As a woman truthfully answering a question about my own IQ, I have been the subject of several articles trying to shame me for it. This is just what I mean by a handicap… Facts: I’ ve done some good movies and some shit movies. I’ ve made some good and bad choices in my personal life. I have a truly tolerant cat. My IQ is 152 and if that triggers you, @thecut, (despite your 2015 article on Salma Hayek stating the opposite) that’ s your problem. Also, pick a side. Also, IQ doesn’ t actually mean shit. But stop perfomatively supporting women while pulling crummy shit like this. ”

Here’ s her post:

Kate also shat on TMZ for asking a man about how smart she is:

I believe it’ s also hard to imagine a beautiful genius would ever date or have anything in common with Pete Davidson . But hey, opposites attract, right? And now all Kate needs to do is figure out how to put on a set of leggings without fucking herself up!