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I don’ t understand how Kanye Western thinks he’ s going to be President states when he or she can’ t even follow-through with a single promise he’ s made to the United states people. Today his tenth studio album, Donda: With Child , was supposed to drop. Yet according to Us Weekly , whenever they went to look for it on the internet, eager listeners found just tumbleweeds and the dust off Dave Chappelle ’ s shoes whenever he booked it out of generally there . Donda’ s past due. And while Us reports that will Kanye did in fact view a doctor on Monday, this individual wasn’ t able to generate him. All the doctor do was determine that Kanye “ did not require immediate hospitalization, ” with “ instant ” doing a large amount of heavy lifting in that phrase. I guess Kanye was as well busy gassing up their armada of Elon Musk-looking tanks while ignoring their wife’ s phone calls (per TMZ ). Is this the individual you want not answering the device at 3: 00 ARE? I know I’ ve composed my mind, Kanye is certainly not getting my election come November!

Us Weekly reports:

In the last week, the rapper, 43, tweeted several times that their 10th studio album, Donda: With Kid , would be out “ this Friday. ” This individual shared multiple variations from the tracklist on Twitter along with announcing on Tuesday, Come july 1st 21, that it would be with a “ movie. ”

However , when supporters woke up on Friday early morning and flocked to loading services in search of the task, they were left confused plus disappointed.

Actually the perfectionist, West is becoming notorious for releasing cds late in recent years. His gospel-driven 2019 album, Jesus Is King , was also delayed, while 2016’ s The life span of Pablo had to be re-released after this individual decided to make last-minute changes to songs that had been to months.

It could be he’ s nevertheless filming for whatever clutter of a movie he had prepared. Here’ s an startling (given his recent conduct and threats of war towards “ Kris Jong-un ) post from the Yeezy Mafia Instagram account from the other day. We’ ve seen these types of tanks before in last year’ s Closed on Weekend video.

It’ s quite a various scene from last period we saw the armada when it was transporting Kim Kardashian , their children, and Kris Jenner towards the mountaintop for some of that old-time religion/cult indoctrination (potato/potato). TMZ reports that Kanye has been “ ducking some calls and rejecting pleas to join him in Wy. ” Sources state “ there’ s i9000 been very little communication among husband and wife since he jetted off for his Sc rally last weekend, plus zero face time. ” Reportedly, Kim’ ersus already been worried about him and trying to intervene considering that before his South Carolina move.

We’ re told the lady was worried earlier within the month when he is at the Dominican Republic, therefore she flew to be along with him … and understood then something was significantly off.

We’ re told Kim needed to leave Kanye to get to their kids, and after that — without any heads up — he went to SC designed for his rally, and it’ s been all down hill from there.

Whether it’ s separation and divorce papers, Donda , or the other footwear (a Yeezy, of course), something seems bound to fall very soon. I just know the folks in Gap are usually praying it’ s not really their stock price again .

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