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Crisis averted! Dave Chappelle flew his ass right to Wyoming to check within on  Kanye Western . Kanye shared an of himself, Dave, and some other brothers, thanking Dork for coming to check on your pet after last night’ s twitter update storm . Sure this looks like a hostage movie and Dave keeps wanting to slink away from Kanye’ s i9000 repeated attempts to get your pet to make a joke, but it’ s no worse compared to that will scene in Goodfellas where Joe Pesci requires if he’ s humorous like a clown. It’ ersus just a bunch of guys working with a laugh after one of them provides publicly called his spouse a whore and the girl mother a pimp!

Here’ s it Kanye tweeted. Everything is okay, guys.

See Gap, rest ! Kanye’ s Brunch Bunch to the rescue. And can someone find me a number for your cute baby Chris Tucker-looking brother on the end? I have to request him something is all. The particular audio isn’ t excellent so here’ s People ’ s summary.

Within the footage, West jokes along with Chappelle to “ make sure you just make us smile, the planet needs some, we need a few joy, we need to smile. ”

“ We want some joke, something. Some thing to like lift the spirits, ” West shows Chappelle.

The particular comedian, 46, then attempts to come up with a joke to tell. “ Shit, I don’ capital t know, I’ m nevertheless on my first mug of coffee. Let me think of a good scam, ” he adds.

West continues to motivate him, asking for an enjoyable joke.

“ An uplifting joke? You understand I don’ t perform them, ” Chappelle states as the group erupts within laughter before West provides, “ Ah, that was this! ”

More than a few people responded to Kanye’ s tweet with a video of Dave which was extracted from a 2008 interview along with James Lipton (for the particular millionth time, FUCK 2020 ) where he suggested that will calling someone “ crazy ” will be “ dismissive , ” and that “ these people are not crazy. They’ re strong people. Probably the environment is a little sick, ” perhaps ignoring the truth that strong people may also be a little sick.

In that clip, Dave, who will be not a licensed medical practitioner, has been referring specifically to Martin Lawrence who in 1996 ran into visitors waving a gun screaming “ they’ re aiming to kill me. ” He also referenced Mariah Carey ’ s infamous TRL appearance. As we know, Mariah ultimately revealed that she suffers from Zweipolig II disorder and did so in order to “ get to a location where the stigma is raised from people going through everything alone. ” At least, it’ s good to find out Kanye’ s not heading it alone. Although Dork sure looked like he couldn’ t get out of there quick enough! Fingers crossed Kanye can mail him their sleeves if he discovers them.

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