Kanye Western did their thing for almost three hrs exactly — uninterrupted, unrevised, and uncensored.

Yep, it was just another  Joe Rogan interview going down upon Saturday, this one involving the wannabe-President of the United States who has a few seriously controversial thoughts on, nicely, just about everything!

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This particular brand new podcast is vintage Rogan, for those who have ever heard one of their shows previously.

Rather than actually guide the show a lot at all, or keep items brief and moving together, the  Fear Element alum enables his guest here in order to venture into sometimes-uncharted territory with no guide. The Chicago-born artist spoke for hours, rarely disrupted, on quite a few different subjects both eyebrow-raising and or else.

Among the many attention grabbing statements West uttered throughout the show on Saturday arrived this comment about their hope to one day be the “leader of the free world” (below):

“There couldn’t be a better time for you to put a visionary within the captain’s chair . I’m not here in order to down Trump or straight down Biden, I’m just right here to express why God offers called me to take it. I’m a great leader mainly because I listen and I am empathetic. I do believe in planet peace. ”

And this one, regarding changing the “bad business” that is the music industry:

“I’m not really at war with the songs industry. I’m just stating we need to innovate. When I published my contracts, I had 10 contracts that kept putting myself inside a labyrinth and matters we don’t need. Prince would say we do not need the distribution component. I’m the kind of person exactly where I’m not trying to remove anyone’s job. There’s a means both parties can be happy. These types of deals can be flipped in a manner that they’re just more reasonable. Michael Knutson , Prince, all of these factors have crossed my brain as I’m saying I have to innovate what these agreements are, it’s not about me personally getting my masters back again, it’s about freedom. At this time music loses me cash. Of my $5 billion dollars net worth, music is definitely negative $4 million. ”

That is an interesting net worth amount he’s just throwing close to there, isn’t it?!

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West furthermore spoke on religion, plus religious music:

“I stepped far from my music career for the year to serve Our god. When I made , I completely stopped rapping because I didn’t understand how to rap before God. ”

And far, much more, including his own psychological health in the wake of their infamous “slavery is a choice” comments , as well as a number of this more recent questionable plus controversial actions.

If you’ve got three hrs, well, you should watch everything (below):

Never a dull time along with Kanye in the studio , that’s for sure.

Especially not with a THREE-HOUR interview!

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