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Simply when you thought the measured blanket covered in dogshit that is 2020 couldn’ capital t get any heavier, within comes Kanye West , the residing, breathing embodiment of humility and grace to declare that he is running meant for President– – just a few several weeks before voting is set to happen. Oh yes, this is completely not a ploy to get his closest friend Donald Trump re-elected. But when are we all going to all find out that individuals died on January first and this is hell?  

According to The Slope , Kanye made the particular announcement– – which was scattered with some of that Christian hoke he’ s been selling for the past few years– – yesterday, which, of course , had been Independence Day. As if The united states hasn’ t been through sufficient.  

Annnnnd right away, I have questions. At any given time, Kanye doesn’ big t even know how a lot money HE has . Or his spouse has . How’ s he going to stability the budget for the entire country? Is usually he going to hire the same people that ~allegedly~ fudged his sister-in-law’ s tax forms ?

Not to become left out of this totally crazy narrative, space lunatic plus COVID-19 hoaxer Elon Musk is throwing all his support behind their friend and fellow idiot’ s decision. Because anything to create people forget his Epstein ties , I guess!  

Seriously, when the mental image of Kim plus Kanye entertaining Elon plus Grimes in the White Home, while little North West and whatever that robot kid’ s new name can be play the spirited game of whose daddy much more insane within portrait of Eleanor Fucking Roosevelt doesn’ t cause you to want to laugh until you cry… I swear I’ meters beginning to lose my thoughts the more I write about this particular.  

Because the battle between good vs . evil Democrat vs . His party is already in full swing, Kanye is going to have to run being an Independent (which, if you know anything at all about American politics, generally means you will absolutely never ever win– – this is actually somebody throwing millions of dollars to waste just to see how many people such as him). Also, it’ ersus too late for Kanye to get over the ballot in some states . And as someone who loves viewing Forbes constantly swat lower billionaire- position claims by users of this deranged family , I say let Kanye dump all of his checking accounts into this vanity bet.  

Also because First Lady Kim Kardashian  noises about as idiotic because President Kanye, Kim their self had to weigh in. Indeed, the fame whore that apparently can’ big t stand being in the same home as her husband is all with this totally sensible business choice. Mind you, in her reaction to Kanye’ s tweet, the girl put in about as much work as a Kardashian can with no camera around to catch it:

Kanye seems to shit up a clear bid for the presidency each few years, but well, in the event that he actually makes it in to a debate, his ego plus Trump’ s ego may combust as they debate which one of them is more powerful plus influential than God.

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