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For those keeping track, Donda: With Kid is still undelivered when simply by this point, Kanye West need to already be thinking about starting a waiting list if this individual wants it to get into a great preschool. But I have it, Kanye’s been very, quite, very busy. Not only is definitely he running a presidential campaign , based on a slew of latest tweets, he’s also Moses, Nat Turner, and “ the 2nd richest dark man in America ” who is tirelessly working to totally free his people. His “ people ” being exclusive to any some other rich Black man in the united states. So you’ll have to reason him if his record won’t be out till Sony and Universal launch him from his agreement and Drake apologizes to your pet for, Dont really know, being richer compared to him I guess. Folks, as always, it’s a mess.

According to Variety , Kanye’s most current active cycle (he’s just like a volcano that spews smelted bullshit) began with a plea for Jesus and the Vivendi family to come and get your pet and don’t forget to bring the particular skis because he’s within Calabasas? I’m sure this made sense at the time.

Kanye West took a break through his presidential campaign to produce some declarations about their music career Monday, saying he will refuse to release any kind of new music until his report company, Universal Music Group, great publisher, Sony/ATV Music Submitting, free him from their offers.

He rapidly followed that up simply by saying that Drake and L. Cole must apologize in order to him — although regardless of whether this was a further condition just for releasing new music was not clear — and asking for a gathering with Jay-Z.

“I’m not putting no longer music out till I am done with my contract along with Sony and Universal, ” he tweeted. “On Lord … in Jesus title … come and get me personally. ” The statement has been followed by an emoji of the skier.

“Vivendi family I’m in Calabassas, ” he added. “Come holla at me. ”

Page Six reports that the Vivendi family is a French conglomerate that owns Universal and so by extension owns Kanye’s GOOD label “ as well as Roc-A-Fella and Outl Jam, which put out the majority of his records before the GREAT imprint was established. ” Because when you are an important businessman, you carry out business the way God meant, by tweeting shit in to the void. If that does not work, you text someone and then tweet that textual content. He also used this approach to get in touch with Jay-Z on the issue writing “ I am waiting to meet with Sean Carter also ” before correcting himself along with “ My poor I meant Shawn. simply no disrespect to my big brother. ” It’s precisely how business is done when you are at the level Kanye’s in. Variety reports:

On Wednesday morning, he added to their comments, posting a textual content exchange with an unidentified company adviser on his options for their catalog. The adviser states he and West may argue that Universal and Sony Music, with whom Western has longstanding recorded-music plus publishing deals respectively, failed to support him fully and may be sued for infringement of contract. They then discover the potential price of his recorded-music catalog (the adviser promises, without citing evidence, that will West’s catalog would be really worth more than the $300 mil that Scooter Braun’s investment decision company paid for Big Device Records and Taylor Swift’s master recordings) or the chance of a joint venture with General Music, which owns West’s masters. West tweeted, “No one from Universal or even Sony has responded therefore it’s Go time. ”

Apparently, somebody from Vivendi didn’t mind setting their croissant aside long enough to hit speakerphone and let Kanye rant for a while.

This is one helluva logic problem. They need to include some Kanye Tweets on the SATs. For example “ If Tesla perenggan Twitter and Elon Musk tells Kanye who Tesla was, then … ” Maybe he should consider doing what Prince did and drop the name Kanye and just go by a symbol. For Kanye, I suggest a little line drawing of a dick.

Also in Monday night’s posts, West went after some of his contemporaries in the music world. “I need a publicly apology from J Cole and Drake to start with immediately … I’m Nat Turner … I’m fighting for us. ”

Ok, I’ve stalled long enough. Shall we get on with it? I’ll make it brief, promise. Kanye continued:

I guess while slavery may have been a choice , playing in the NBA is mandatory (prayers up for Kevin Hart). Kanye’s learned and nuanced understanding of the transatlantic slave trade continues to impress. Lord knows Moses did more for enslaved people in the Americas than Harriet Tubman ever did ! I’m sorry, did I say “ people ” again? I obviously meant men. The number of Tweets mentioning “ brothers ” are too many to count, but it’s safe to assume Kanye is unaware of how babies are made. Although, if I was married into the Kardashian Marga, I might try to forget that women exist too. At least we now know who wears the Skims in that household!

There’s more from the savior of Black men living under the shackles of incredible wealth, but I think there’s enough here to solidify my decision not to vote for Kanye in the upcoming Presidential election. I just don’t get the impression that he has the interests of all Americans at heart. He’s also too bossy for my taste. He comes off as a little , if you know what I mean.

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