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Kanye West ’s historic bid for the White House has ended. Despite a respectable showing , earning as much as. 4% from the vote in some states, it appears America isn’t ready for the first Uber Clown President. Though we’ve got many conventional clowns within the Oval Office before, Kanye would have been our country’s first natural-born clown leader who went on to furthermore teach as , and dress because , a conventional clown. The particular Birthday Party Clown community is certainly reportedly devastated by this particular loss. However , Kanye has taken it in step as he sets his sights on 2024.

According to The Daily Animal , yesterday’s election has been historic on two matters. Not only was it the very first time in US history that the Uber Clown’s name provides appeared on the ballot (though in most cases it only made an appearance once the voter wrote this in themselves), it was furthermore Kanye’s first time voting in the presidential election, making this instant all the more precious. Uber Clowns aren’t born overnight, they may be forged in cream-pie over the lifetime of buffoonery.

Tuesday early morning, Kanye West cast their first ever vote for the Chief executive of the United States. West, who was not really on the ballot in Wy where he lives, wrote in the own name. “God is really good, ” the 43-year-old tweeted. “Today I am voting for the first time in my life for your President of the United States, and it is for someone I truly trust…me. ”

Here’s Kanye’s first time writing the name which he has 99% confidence he is spelling correctly. He’s just 63% sure about their running mate.

Oh no! That will voting machine appears to be damaged. This could change everything, people. It’s supposed to squirt seltzer to let the voter understand that their vote for West/Tiddyball has been counted! Alas, set up machine didn’t work enjoy it was supposed to, Kanye nevertheless didn’t have a chance within hell of winning. Nevertheless , the chances that we are in real hell have increased contemplating he received as many as sixty, 000 votes, according to Deadline.

It’s safe to say a minimum of 60, 000 Americans identified for West, who happened to run as an Independent. While a couple of states were still below 80% reported as of this writing, the count puts him from 59, 781 total ballots. Thus, it’s a pretty great guess he’ll go over sixty, 000 by the time all declares are fully counted.

Kanye’s biggest carry was in Tennessee, where he gained 10, 188 votes. As the rap mogul did position 4th in some state contests, his percentage of the election was never over. 04%.

Here is how he did within Mississippi.

Like a vampire in a mirror, The Above all Clown’s image can not be made in split-screen. Here’s the way the votes for Kanye stopped working by state. (via Deadline)

Illinois: 4, 040

Colorado: 6, 127

Idaho: 3, 092

Iowa: a few, 197

Kentucky: 6, 259

Louisiana: 4, 894

Minnesota: 7, 654

Mississippi: a few, 117

Ok: 5, 590

Tennessee: 10, 195

Utah: 4, 311

Vermont: one, 255

All hail the Above all Clown! And a big yell out to all the conventional clowns that got him in which he is today. Because of clowns like you, I can already listen to the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the masses looking forward to 2024!

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