So much for  Kanye West ‘ s presidential campaign in the home state of The state of illinois.

Though the artist appeared to have gotten the necessary number of signatures there in order to display on the ballot this Nov as an independent presidential applicant , the state election table in Illinois has established that nearly 2, 500 of his acquired a few, 218 signatures submitted aren’t valid, and thus, do not rely towards his total. GOODNESS!!!

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According to the  Chicago Tribune in a Friday afternoon statement, the state requires 2, five hundred independent, valid signatures through state residents for an individual to appear on the presidential ballot at this point in the race. Even though Kanye hired political operatives exactly who got him 3, 218 total signatures — well above the two, 500 mark — as it happens that a whopping 1, 928 of the signatures submitted upon West’ s behalf had been labeled invalid. That places him well below the two, 500 necessary mark, plus officially OFF the ballot within Illinois. Oops!

That in and of by itself is big news, naturally , but it gets worse for your 43-year-old rapper from there: West’ s Ohio ballot petition signatures are also coming under overview , too! According to a  Newsweek report, early glances via his Ohio list of signatures has already found glaring differences. For one, six of the eighteen people that West listed in order to vote for him within the Electoral College this along with that state were all of the listed as living on the exact same address in Cleveland. Hmmm…

Plus trouble has landed intended for the  Jesus Moves rapper within Wisconsin, too! According to the  Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel , Wisconsin Democrats officially submitted a complaint against the  College Dropout rapper on Fri, citing (a) the fact that advertising campaign operative  Lane Ruhland allegedly shipped his signatures to selection officials more than 30 minutes after the pre-determined deadline, plus (b) many of the signatures appear to be phony and invalid , which includes ones listed as “ Mickey Mouse , ” “ Bernie Sanders , ” and many signatures bearing Kanye’ ersus own name.

The  Wisconsin Condition Journal can be reporting further than even the signatures that West’ s strategy appears to have gotten through real, legitimate people are involved, too. For one, a woman specifically explained in the Democrats’ formal complaint how a stranger emerged up to her in a car parking lot to ask in case she’ d registered in order to vote. When she declared that she had, the unfamiliar person asked her to indication a document to “ confirm she was signed up. ” As it turned out, the particular document was to get Kanye on the ballot in Wisconsin; the woman told Democrats acquired she known that beforehand, the girl never would have signed the particular document at all . Wow… talk about shady!!!

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For the time being, it’ s just The state of illinois where West has been booted from the ballot, but just by these reports, it sounds such as further issues could potentially appear in other states, too. Once we reported on Saturday, Western and his family had been travelling in the Dominican Republic whilst trying to work out some main family issues away from the electoral camapaign trail this week .

Judging by all the debate and questions surrounding Kanye’ s campaign anyways, we’ re honestly not that will torn up about this information. Just saying! This political election is too important for Yeezy to visit around f**king things up for this country!!!

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August 09, 2020 11: 00am PDT

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