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Just a minute after Kanye West got a visit from Mr. bieber of all individuals, it appears he has done a good about-face on his earlier emotions about his wife, tweeting out an apology in order to Kim Kardashian and thanking the girl for her genuine love. Plus Kanye also reportedly proceeded to go off to San Francisco, visited the ER in Wy, and later got examined by paramedics at their ranch. Lately it seems like there’ s A LOT going on within the life of Kanye, however the past 24 hours have actually been A LOT.

Kanye tweeted  a message associated with thanks and support in order to Kim after dragging the girl for trying to “ lock him upward ” and accusing her of side-fucking Meek Mill , which led to Kanye attempting to divorce her.

Alright, but where the emojis, transliteration mistakes, and ALL-CAPS?! For this reason, naturally, people are already recommending that someone else wrote this.   For comparison reasons only, this tweet beneath was published exactly half an hour before the tweet above:

Kanye’ s tweet didn’ t include the line, “ And I’ m like to apologize to not the particular best mother-in-law in the world, but additionally the most beautiful and intelligent human being who ever lived, ” so I don’ capital t think Kris Jenner hacked his Twitter account plus tweeted that apology just for him.

Yet Kanye then got back in order to tweeting about his usa president campaign, telling everyone he is able to   defeat Joe Biden with write-ins.

TMZ adds that on top of that twitter update, Kanye flew to Bay area for a few hours and then travelled back to Cody, Wyoming. Whenever he got back to Cody, he went to the SER and left 10 minutes afterwards because there were a lot of people presently there. Not long after that, an ambulance showed up at his farm. Sources say that Kanye appeared to be having some kind of panic attack, yet calmed down, and had been checked out by EMTs. Right after checking out his vitals plus determining that he didn’ to need to go to the hospital, these people left. Kanye was afterwards seen riding around with an ATV on his property.

Kim, who as you may know, looked after Kanye   a couple of days ago, has yet to reply to the tweet. And that’ s probably because Kris has locked everyone upward in her Calabasas kompound and taken away their phones– – also Mason’ ersus – – while she’ s spoke with Satan all weekend break in an attempt to figure out how to stretch Kanye’ s situation into a two-season storyline. Stay tuned.

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