The Coming to America cast reunites in a comedy follow up over 30 years later. Rather than Coming to The united states 2 , they known as it Coming 2 The united states . Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall come back as their multiple characters, plus stars like James Earl Jones, Vanessa Bell Calloway, John Amos, Louie Anderson and even Garcelle Beauvais create return appearances.  

Coming two America cast

L-R: Bella Murphy, Shari Headley, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall | Quantrell D. Colbert/Paramount Pictures/Amazon Studios

Murphy, Corridor, Calloway, Amos and Anderson spoke at the Coming 2 America press conference. Here is a preview of how their particular characters have evolved considering that Coming to The united states . We’ll have more with all the cast and director associated with Comign two America just before it premieres March five on Amazon Prime.  

Eddie Murphy wanted everybody through ‘Coming to America’ back 

Murphy profits as Prince Akeem associated with Zamunda, as well as barber Clarence, his customer Saul plus singer Randy Watson. Within the first Visiting America , Akeem reached Queens to fall in appreciate. He got a job in McDowell’s, a McDonald’s knock-off, and fell for Mack McDowell (Shari Headley).

Coming two America star Eddie Murphy at the WSJ Mag 2019 Innovator Awards

Eddie Murphy | Mark Sagliocco/WireImage

“We wanted to bring everybody back again from the original, ” Murphy said. “We have to provide back again from where the story remaining off. Me and Mack went off happily actually after so it was like alright, how do you connect the dots? It would be kind of funny when McDowell had opened the McDowell’s in Africa and could be there. Who would take advantage sense and how could we all connect the dots the very best? That’s how we picked would you be in the movie. ”

Murphy revealed he previously ideas for some original Coming to America cast members which did not ultimately return.

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“The Eriq La Salle character and Lisa McDowell’s sister, the last time a person saw them, he has been soaking wet and she stated, ‘We gotta get you away from these clothes, ’” Murphy said. “That kind of intended they were going to be jointly. ”

This ‘Coming to America’ cast member’s character hasn’t quite gotten over the original 

Vanessa Bell Calloway played Imani Izzi in Arriving at America , the woman Akeem was betrothed to. Whenever we see her again within Coming two America , she’s nevertheless holding a grudge.

Coming in order to America cast member Vanessa Bell Calloway at the 11th Annual Sistahs' Soirée

Vanessa Bell Calloway | Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Morgan Stanley/Alfre Woodard

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“My character, I think she nevertheless had a few issues, ” Calloway said. “Her sibling came to her defense, who might be now Wesley Snipes. Therefore she still has a couple of issues. Her growth and development was obviously a little stagnant compared to a few of the other characters, because the girl was caught in a period warp because she nevertheless felt like she was wronged. And she was, to an education. ”

The McDowell’s crew

Everybody loved McDowell’s. Some restaurants set up McDowell’s in real life. Murphy currently revealed that McDowell’s opened up in Africa. John Amos returns as founder Cleo McDowell and Louie Anderson returns as Maurice. Maurice was Akeem’s boss within Coming to The united states . He’s been marketed.

“He made some strides, ” Anderson said. “I don’t wish to ruin it for everybody, yet let’s just say he could be not washing lettuce any longer. ”

Cleo is still explaining how all McDowell’s products are totally different from McDonald’s. He has cardiovascular to heart with Akeem, too.

John Amos at a testing of Showing Roots

John Amos | Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage

“To work with Eddie is certainly, for my money, simple, because he’s always upon point, ” Amos stated. “He seems to know without effort exactly where you’re going with your own character and he goes together with you. To say I enjoyed this, that’s an understatement. After all, I look forward to it. We probably had crevices inside my face from smiling plus laughing so much. But in the particular serious moments that we acquired, the few very serious occasions, we got them by means of like a trooper, like a Shakespearean trained doctor. ”

‘Coming in order to America’ cast members nevertheless go undercover in the sequel 

As Murphy played multiple characters, therefore did Hall. Hall performed Akeem’s aide and buddy Semmi, barber Morris, Reverend Brown and even a female clubgoer. The latter three characters needed makeup, just as Murphy’s Clarence, Saul and Randy do. Hall said the make-up has improved.

Coming to The united states barbershop characters

L-R: Arsenio Corridor, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Corridor and Eddie Murphy | Paramount Pictures/Amazon Studios

“It’s less abrasive for your skin these days, ” Corridor said. “The chemicals are usually better but it’s nevertheless four to six hours. ”