Nicely, it seems like things are getting much better already for Collin Gosselin since the teenager apparently continues to reside at home with his dad, previous reality TV star Jon Gosselin .

As we reported several times ago, the 16-year-old youngster posted — and then nearly immediately deleted — an extremely concerning message on his Instagram accounts claiming he’d been beaten upward and physically abused simply by his father . The particular post was gone inside minutes, however , and nor he nor his well-known dad commented any further about this at the time.

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Right now, Collin is back on his (private) IG account, and obviously happily posting again as though nothing happened!

We’re blocked from viewing his account (no, actually! ), but according to a number of outlets including All of us Weekly , the teen boy shared a selfie showing off a brand new haircut towards the world in Sunday’s brand new post. Along with it, he or she shared a positive update about how exactly he was “doing great. ” He also mentioned that “Life is too excellent to not enjoy, ” and additional shared his hope that will his followers would “live like it’s your final day. ”

Wow! That’s certainly a good attitude adjustment from just a couple of days ago when he or she made those serious accusations against his father more than alleged physical abuse. Truthfully, now we’re not quite certain what to make of all this thinking of Collin’s quick about-face to “normal” this weekend after that preliminary eye-opening, jaw-dropping post . And yet, here we are…

Jon Gosselin with Collin and Hannah on the Fourth of July Jon Gosselin, with Collin, Hannah, and girlfriend Colleen Conrad on the Fourth of Come july 1st. / (c) Jon Gosselin/Instagram

As you’ll remember, Collin and sister Hannah (pictured above, along with Jon plus Collin) are the two Gosselin kids who have chosen to experience their father in the aftermath associated with his divorce from loved ones matriarch Kate Gosselin back in 2009, among Kate’s continued work on television since that time. Both 16 years of age, Hannah and Collin possess reportedly been trying to remain out of the spotlight and far from the camera — therefore their decision to live using their dad and his current partner, Colleen Conrad — and it is unclear exactly what kind of relationship these people currently have with their mother .

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Whatever is going on, plus whatever this may mean came from here, we sincerely hope Collin is safe and sound, plus everything is going good for that will as well as whoever spends time in that will house out there in Pennsylvania. The IG post from several times ago was (rightfully) quite worrying, so if what Collin posted today is true plus real, we are at least pleased to see him in a much better mood and a better location than before!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Exactly where do U stand upon all this family drama, plus social media controversy?

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