Jon Gosselin wants you to definitely know his son Collin is a liar! Oof, not really the best look for an offender abuser tbh…

In a new interview along with DailyMail. com , the former reality star emphatically denied the reports that will he’s being investigated designed for child abuse after their 16-year-old son took to Instagram to allege that the 43-year-old kicked and punched him during a violent rupture earlier this month.

Jon told it:

“It’s not true, I would never strike Collin, ever. I love your pet with all my heart. ”

Even as we covered, there seemed to be inconsistant reports on whether Gosselin was the subject of an continuing investigation from the County of Berks, Pa Child & Youth Solutions (CYS) . While Jon’s rep denied that a CYS übung was ongoing , Kate Gosselin was quick to inform People she had been informed by the agency that the girl ex husband was below investigation over the incident.

Well, according to the UNITED KINGDOM outlet, the police and CYS did look into what happened with Jon’s Pennsylvania home; nevertheless , the case was apparently shelved within 24 hours.

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As for why Collin produced those claims in the first place? Jon alleges that the teen significantly twisted the truth — as well as made a false are accountable to police — because he merely wasn’t getting his method. The Jon & Kate Plus eight alum informed the publication:

“I really did not want to have to come out and discuss this for Collin’s benefit, but when Kate is in the particular media attacking me, contacting me a child abuser, I must defend myself. I love our son and I would never harm him. ”

Jon claimed that will his teen son, that is dealing with mental health issues, began fighting with his sister Hannah , furthermore 16, in the car along the way home from a dentist scheduled appointment on September 2 prior to the situation escalated.

He shared:

“It was exactly like sibling rivalry stuff, nevertheless we got home stuff escalated into something different… Collin got very cantankerous and started acting away so I intervened. He started tossing stuff at my car, dents it and shouting f**k you. I was angry and am confronted him and then he or she threatened to run away. We’ve got problems with Collin in the past operating away and I was concerned, he was upset therefore i restrained him. ”

This is where Jon’s story and what we noticed from Individuals ‘s report curve. When he says he simply “restrained” Collin. Doubling upon his claims that he did not hit the teen, Jon continuing:

I didn’t strike or kick him, We restrained him , which usually he obviously wasn’t delighted about. He’s 16, he is a 16-year-old boy. I actually restrained him and then I actually backed away, because you by no means want to restrain your kids, it is the most heart-wrenching thing a person ever have to do. ”

Gosselin stated he then drove away from the home to give his son a few space to calm down — but his daughter known as minutes later, saying the problem was only getting even worse. He recalled:

“Hannah called me personally and said Collin’s likely to call the police. So I overturn, I came back and he the police. He told all of them I punched him hard and kicked him within the ribs. And I was like, I actually didn’t do any of that things. He was just pissed off because he didn’t obtain his way. He has been out of line and he is just making stuff upward. ”

Jon said an official soon arrived and evaluated the family. Hannah, who observed the incident, sided along with her father, telling researchers he never hit Collin, as Jon claimed:

“Hannah noticed the whole thing and she gave the girl statement and I gave the statement. Hannah told all of them I didn’t hit Collin and the police could discover there were no marks or even bruises on him. ”

Jon said the officer approved his and Hannah’s edition of events but was nevertheless required to report the occurrence to CYS. The next day, the previous reality star was informed by his lawyer that will any CYS investigation have been dropped and no further actions would be taken by the police.

But he nevertheless wanted to punish Collin pertaining to his shocking behavior, therefore Jon said he made a decision to take the teen’s Xbox and a few other stuff out of his space — which is what this individual thinks prompted the young man to make the abuse claims upon social media.

Jon explained:

“You can’t just go regarding doing things without implications. But then he threatened to accomplish an IG post merely don’t give his things back. So now he is using leverage. I mentioned, ‘I don’t care, I am still gonna discipline a person. ’ I told your pet I loved him, yet it’s just the way it is got to be. ”

Collin published the claims anyway, infamously telling his IG supporters:

“Yesterday defeat me up and believed nothing of it, he punched me in the face and offered me a swollen nose and am started bleeding. He then continuing to kick me within the ribs after I was on the ground. He is a liar. ”

The particular allegation was picked up simply by media outlets before Collin took it down, as well as the drama reached Kate soon after. Naturally, the TV personality failed to take the allegations lightly. The girl told Individuals on Fri in response to Jon’s denial:

“Until We receive the letter in the postal mail from CYS about whether or not they’ve deemed the accusations founded or not, it is on-going. My point of get in touch with at CYS has not informed me otherwise, so I have each reason to believe it is nevertheless ongoing. ”

In his chat with DM , Jon reacted to Kate’s preliminary response of being “horrified” regarding the claims. He said:

“The write-up was wrong, it mentioned there was an ongoing investigation which usually there isn’t and they just took Collin’s words in the police report. Kate was fueling this, sticking the boot in… She hasn’t seen Collin in five years and now she’s likely to try to come out as the nurturing mother when in fact the main reason Collin is struggling with psychological illness is because she mistreated him. They have PTSD because of her. So I’m never going to sit back and not defend personally or my family. ”

Exactly what. A. Mess!

Hopefully everything’s sorted out there as soon as possible.

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