Five days into  Johnny Depp ‘ s libel trial against  The Sun , also it feels like we’ re simply getting started.

The  Pirates of the Carribbean star got the stand yet again, now directly answering more statements of abuse by  Amber Heard . The  Aquaman actress previously claimed Ashton had pushed a seat at her, kicked the girl, and threw things with her on a private trip from Boston to La in 2014 — prior to eventually passing out.

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The court saw an additional photo taken by Amber associated with the  Oscar nominee passed out of the occasion — this one nevertheless gripping a pint associated with ice cream on his lap, the particular melted dessert spilling on to his jeans. (You can easily see the pic on  DailyMail. possuindo . ) So… why would someone have a photo of this? Surely not really for evidence in a demo years later…

Actually, Johnny says it was part of the emotional abuse he or she faced at his ex’ s hands. He described:

“ I was obviously within the nod and very tired, drifting off to sleep, and the ice cream then leaking all over my leg and after that she took that… plus showed me the next day plus said, ‘ Look at exactly what you’ ve become… take a look at you, it’ s horrible. ‘”

There’ s such a matter as tough love, in case this story is true this might sound less constructive and more such as bullying. Especially if it’ t also true, as Ashton claims, that he had currently agreed to go to a detox within the Bahamas.

Depp’ s entire version from the flight flips the software on Amber’ s, when he says the then-28-year-old “ began to harangue him” when he was sketching in his laptop. He says rather than “ kick” her he started to “ playfully tap her in the bottom” with his foot — at which his wife required “ great offense” plus “ continued to verbally berate” him.

As we’ ve noticed in leaked phone calls between your bitter exes, this was not really the only accusation where she allegedly abused  your pet .

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Ashton told the court upon Monday about an occurrence two years later after the girl 30th birthday party in Apr 2016, the same day this individual was told by a company manager that his prior managers had stolen $650 million from him. Some thing tells us the man was not inside a party mood. But Ashton says it was Amber who had been “ drinking heavily” plus punched him four occasions while he was reading through in bed — before he or she was able to “ grab the girl arms” to stop her.

This is obviously not really the first time we’ ve noticed claims of domestic assault against Amber. In formerly released audio of their discussions, she even admitted hitting your pet — plus disturbingly told him no one would certainly believe him .

Further helping Johnny’ s side was the accounts of a few other witnesses. First, his former individual assistant  Stephen Deuters agreed Silpada was the “ abuser” within the relationship, saying she exposed him to “ years” of physical and psychological abuse. He also stated he’ d never observed any injuries on Noticed — or heard the girl mention being abused — in all his time operating closely with the couple. Deuters is now the European leader of Depp’ s manufacturing company  Infinitum Nihil , something the lawyer for the defendant referred to as an incentive for his loyalty. Hmm.

For some extra context, alleged text messages in between Depp’ s then-assistant plus Heard leaked in 2016, showing Deuters acknowledging his boss’ abusive behavior . Deuters claimed they were fake, although one computer forensic expert believed them to be true.

Next, inside a sworn video statement,   Trinity Esparza , head of the concierge firm at the  Eastern Columbia Building where the couple resided, attested she saw Emerald throughout the week after the girl first public claim she’ d been abused simply by Johnny — and that, putting on no makeup, she experienced no marks on her encounter. Then on Friday, Might 27 she suddenly “ had a red cut beneath her right eye plus red marks by the girl eye. ”

Amber Heard hit along with phone bruise (c) Amber Heard

When this timeline is precise, Johnny couldn’ t did this??

What’ s more, Esparza stated she saw even more accidents on Amber’ s encounter and neck on 06 4, two weeks after the girl husband had left the particular penthouse apartment. She referred to a bruise on Microsoft. Heard’ s left quarter and finger-shaped bruising upon either side of the girl neck. Whoa. But if Ashton, who was apparently “ from the country” during this period, wasn’ to around Amber at all during this period, who was? Esparza said the lady only ever saw anyone with her at the time:   Elon Musk .

Hopefully they could pull up security footage exhibiting the bruise marks showing up on the days Esparza claims…

Amber Noticed Elon Musk Date Instagram (c) Amber Heard/Instagram

The building’ h security officer,   Alejandro Romero , verified Elon Musk had went to “ several times a week, ” usually arriving around eleven p. m. and staying in least past 1 the. m. — and that employees was convinced they were being unfaithful. It’ s clear Depp’ s attorneys are  not really afraid of the tech billionaire’ s lawyers, as this range seems to suggest Musk just as one alternate perpetrator of the mistreatment. Wow.

Lastly, there’ s Johnny’ ersus ex  Winona Ryder , who will testify through video this week. In a small preview of what’ ersus to come, the  Unfamiliar person Things celebrity released a written declaration, released by The Times :

“ I was together as a couple just for four years. I measured him as my best friend, so that as close to me as loved ones.   I obviously had not been there during his relationship to Amber, but , through my experience, which was therefore wildly different, I was unquestionably shocked, confused and annoyed when I heard the claims against him. The idea that they are an incredibly violent person may be the farthest thing from the Ashton I knew and cherished. I cannot wrap my head about these accusations. ”

If that will sounds familiar, it’ s EXTREMELY near to the statement the lady released ahead of the  other Johnny/Amber trial, the defamation situation. But consistency in these tales is a good thing. And regularity across the sentiments so many of Johnny’ s exes is an even better thing.

What do YOU think about the newest in this messy trial??