Ashton Depp invested most of the first week associated with his libel trial towards UK tabloid  Sunlight trying to convincingly deny he’ d actually abused not just  Amber Heard but any woman he’ d been with.

Most of his previous flames have actually backed that claim, with exes from  Winona Ryder to  Vanessa Paradis talking out at the actor’ s behalf.

But one event which has continued to stand out in the public’ s thoughts is one which cemented Johnny’ s reputation as a hooligan over two decades ago. And Friday he finally obtained asked about it.

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Once more the  Oscar nominee took the particular stand to answer difficult questions — this time about this infamous night in 1994 when he trashed an accommodation while then-girlfriend  Kate Moss has been there.

Ashton admitted to the incident, informing his own attorney  Jesse Sherborne   — who was the first to bring up the particular incident to get ahead of this — he had offered to spend on the reported $10k within damages:

“ I actually informed the security guard when he or she came to my room which i was more than willing to pay for almost everything I had broken. ”

When questioned where the 20-year-old model has been at the time, Johnny acknowledged the girl was right there in the middle of the particular rampage:

“ She is at the bedroom sleeping. ”

The courtroom was even shown a from an old  ABC News interview in which he notoriously quipped, “ some men play golf, some men smash hotel rooms. ”

Sasha Wass , attorney for the accused, asked about the reason for the fit, something Johnny claimed has been anger over a friend getting “ screwed him more than. ” The attorney recommended it was actually anger with his girlfriend — a part of a pattern of assault. But Johnny denied this particular, saying:

“ Ms. Moss wasn’ t involved in any one of it, there was no ejected. ”

If he’ s informing the truth, a lot of people have had the incorrect view of that event for several, many years.

Ashton again denied ever getting hit Ms. Moss or any type of other previous wife or even girlfriend, saying he had never ever even been accused from it before.

Nevertheless , one woman who hasn’ t had the  Pirates of the Caribbean star’ s back again through all this?   Ellen Barkin .

Johnny was mentioned public statements the  Big Easy star had made  which he was “ jealous” plus “ controlling” and that there was clearly “ always an atmosphere of violence” about your pet. Technically not accusations associated with abuse, but not statement that will looked good.

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The answer delved into more dirty laundry — Ashton claimed his  Worry And Loathing In Vegas co-star mentioned those things because she kept a “ grudge” towards him — after they’ d had a sexual partnership that ended badly:

“ Ms Barkin and I have been friends for a number of years. A few years later (after her divorce) Ellen and I were dangling, just spending time together… The sexual element began along with Ms Barkin which survived for months on and off really since she was making the particular film I was making during the time, Fear plus Loathing in Las Vegas , and I suppose her wishes were… She wanted greater than a relationship, she wanted an appropriate relationship with me and I failed to want that. I didn’ t feel the same regarding her as she do me and I suppose through that moment on the lady became very, very upset and since then I have not really spoken to Ms Barkin. Nor has Ms Barkin spoken to me. ”

Hmm. Therefore she was vindictive as they turned her down? He’ s essentially making it seem like his D turned the girl crazy, y’ all. That will kind of excuse is not the very best look when it comes to denying someone’ s claims of assault — but like we all said she didn’ to make specific claims, she’ s mostly just demonstrated support for Amber.

Speaking of Amber, Ashton had more to say about this relationship on Friday, too.

In response to their ex’ s description associated with his drug and alcohol abuse issue, he made it very clear Ruby was  not trying to get him to prevent. If anything, the opposite! Explaining her enabling behavior, this individual said:

“ Ms. Noticed kept whiskey, a container of whiskey, Bulleit bourbon, in the freezer for me. An attempt would be poured when I showed up, even if Ms. Heard had been asleep. When I arrived there is a shot of whiskey for the nightstand. ”

He also mentioned “ Ms. Heard” would certainly even join in a bit to the cocaine:

“ She would cut cocaine for me but the lady wouldn’ t ingest this through her nose… she’d rub it on her chewing gum. ”

In fact , according to Depp’ h testimony, Amber was very the abuser of medications and alcohol herself. He or she claimed she drank “ two or three bottles” of wines a night — which usually he fairly clarified has been “ normally two containers. ”

Which is still a lot of wine. Sherborne also produced an email through 2013 in which Amber experienced invited her friends ahead over and party, telling all of them “ to bring some meals, booze and drug of preference – yay. ”

Drugs were obviously a constant for the couple; Ashton confirmed there were drugs from their rehearsal dinner plus wedding.

This individual also accused Amber associated with secretly filming him for a long time to build up her “ insurance plan. ” He says one movie she claims shows your pet on a violent rampage within 2016 was actually shot while he was making  The Lone Ranger in 2013.

Sounds like there’ s still plenty a lot more drama to come next week in order to us…