Say this ain’ t so!

Over the past few weeks, John Krasinski has brought a grin to faces everywhere with his YouTube display Some Good News , but things are ending. On Sunday, he introduced the show would be having a break, and relived probably the most memorable moments from the 14-episode run.

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While this individual highlighted the positive news tales happening around the world in the event, the 40-year-old also obtained emotional while expressing their gratitude for the viewers:

“ Well, on a very private note, I can tell you that I will not be able to properly articulate simply how much this show has designed to me and what a tremendous honour it has been to share in all from it with you. ”

The A Quiet Place star continued, ripping up:

“ Because, the fact is, I have been so blown away with the messages I have received stating how joyful this display makes you, how uplifted plus inspired you all could be, but I assure a person, all the pleasure and all the particular inspiration has been mine. We told you from the very first show, I only deliver the good thing. You   are usually   the good news. ”

He or she concluded:

“ And that’ s why every single 7 days if you can look through the wacky guy wearing half the suit, you’ d find what resilience really appears like. What unbroken really indicates. And through witnessing every single simple act of amazing advantages and generosity, you would observe what the true definition of great really is. ”

Watch the full heartwarming episode (below):

Thank you for getting such a source of positivity of these difficult times, John!!