Well, as if there was any kind of doubt, even writing the letter about suffering within prison,   Later on Exotic continues to be a character.

The subject of  Netflix ‘ s strike true crime doc  Tiger King: Murder, Chaos and Madness   is currently serving hard time right after being convicted on 2 charges of murder services and 17 charges associated with animal cruelty.   (And according to several folks who know him, that could have been the tip of the iceberg when it comes to criminal activity … )

Regardless of the disturbing nature of their crimes, he apparently expects  Donald Trump ,   Cardi M , or  The mind blowing kim kardashian West to operate on getting him away. Well, one of those people may relate to his narcissistic ramblings and lack of accountability…

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On Monday, Later on reached out for help in a good emotional letter, obtained by  TMZ , regarding the toll prison was dealing with him and his health. (Reminder, he is on just the 2nd year of a 22-year word. )

This individual wrote:

“ Dear Followers, Fans, Loved Ones,

Just would like to be my very own voice for a change. Thanks all so very much for that support and love through all around the world. The outbreak is over, and now I request you to ask President Trump to help keep his word and look directly into making this wrong a right plus grant me a miracle. ”

OKAY, first off, the pandemic is not really over. We dearly want it was, but it isn’ capital t. Second, will Trump in fact grant him an excuse? Hey, he’ s pardoned some other awful people… Plus  Donald Trump Junior. said he or she thinks it will piss individuals off, which does appear to be their third priority at the rear of profit and power. Amazing — real name  Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage — continued:

“ My soul is lifeless, I struggle every day to keep on to what little wish I can find, they maintain me licked down day to day with no phone, email or even comissary and you will never be familiar with mental abuse this does to some person. I don’ to even know if I’ m married anymore, appears everyone is so busy earning money and being famous. We don’ t get a letter from   Dillon , everyone sends pictures associated with him having fun and all yet as a person screaming intended for help I am asking you to prevent. Please stop sending me personally pictures of him creating a party while I reside this hell. ”

He really does post a lot…

He wrote:

“ Everything has failed me, individuals raising money for attorneys and until last week I put to use public defenders that lawyers are pro bono therefore please stop giving cash to  anyone raising money for me personally except on my personal FB. ”

He then got a lot more topical, discussing the countrywide protests against police violence — and quickly discovered a way to make  Dark Lives Matter about himself:

“ The nation has came apart more than bad cops and uneven justice. Don’ t neglect I have the proof the united states attorneys and agents humiliated under oath with all their particular witnesses and we the people need to put a stop to it. They mistreatment people in jail plus prison because they can. ”

May well then spoke of their health, warning he would end up being “ dead in 2-3 months” the way he had been treated:

“ As most individuals know I was born along with CVID not COVID-19 plus hemoglobin anemia and need blood infusions every four weeks. I have not had 1 since end of The month of january.   I’ m losing weight, sores wont cure, I’ ll be deceased in 2-3 months, it’ s like I have been delivered to death row, they halted all of my medication other than one, this place can be hell on earth and the psychological torture of being locked on this room alone and not actually hearing Dillon’ s tone of voice or a letter I desire I could just have ended items with Travis died. ”

He then once more claimed his innocence, composing:

“ So again I’ ve done nothing for you. All so those who feeling screen shots of your pet with his buds, it’ s i9000 not cool, not amusing and is not healthy for me personally if he has moved on this individual should tell me, if he or she hasn’ t I am pleading to support me, sad to become dumped like a dog in the shelter but that’ t how ti feels. ”

Yes, no one should treat creatures that way, throwing them in to cages and such…

He went on:

“ The kid that was in Grady County that killed themselves by hanging didn’ big t have to die, the police beat him up. The particular screams for help can never go away, I was stripped nude, tied to a chair till the skin came off the arms in that very prison. Where is our tone of voice from abuse? Are all of us the wrong color? This is regarding people not colors. ”

Um… what?? Did he simply play the race credit card when talking about his own mistreatment??

Then he proceeded to go right back to his standard woe-is-me blaming everyone close to him for being obsessed with popularity. The guy who attempted to turn himself into an appear star AND ran just for President.

“ People have produced enough money from me personally living hell. The popularity everyone thinks they have arriving is from what’ ersus them stealing my life, all of them getting me locked upward, and not ONE of my older staff of 20 years provides wrote in support, however they all want to be famous. F**k that, my own husband can’ t take 10 minutes and write. Am I actually stupid? Do I deserve this particular somehow? ”

Don’ t solution that, don’ t solution that, don’ t solution that…

“ What do I ever do in order to anyone but take individuals in and give them a property, a job, and a paycheck so when that wasn’ t sufficient I went out and completed it for people all over, of each color, age and sexual intercourse, and look now, we are all traveling the white horse associated with fame at my expense once again. Anyone doing films, putting your signature on contracts with any of these individuals should be ashamed of yourselves. It was my life, it was my parents lifestyles and I’ m not really dead yet. ”

Man, they are not happy about  Nicolas Cage being cast to play him. (Seems reasonable to us. )

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After that Joe got even more questionable, comparing himself to  George Floyd ! Significantly!

“ It’ s such as George Floyd. His information got lost in the riots, my message got get away from for money and fame. Pity on everyone making a money, and you people that think their own cool, famous, remember just how that knife went inside my back, it will go in your own also. ”

Yeesh. He then utilized his fans to try to get an extremely special message to Dillon:

“ Do me a prefer and since I can’ big t get a response, play the  Michael Jackson song  Considering There in order to Dillon and ask him, ‘ Will he? ’ Delete word? My heart must know! ”

Lastly, he included a yell out/plea for help straight to two politically active celebrities, writing:

“ Cardi ‘ B’ – Kim ‘ K’, Please ladies I’ ve done nothing incorrect but act a trick to protect my zoo through arson and people hurting the animals. Hear my shout for help. ”

Right, absolutely nothing wrong. Except for the aforementioned lawbreaker convictions and those many other claims. Something tells us Kim, that has made prison reform the girl crusade, has a lot of instances to get to before a fame-seeking, animal abusing, murderous zookeeper. Like people who have been incarcerated unjustly for decades, not these at the beginning of sentences which appear to fit their many, several crimes.

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He then signed away:

“ I love you all of the. Joe Exotic. ”

We rarely ever want to make light of violations suffered by prisoners. Yet it’ s hard to consider anything this man states at face value. How do you feel about Joe’ s pleas just for help??