Jason Momoa is definitely feeling really remorseful right now after supporters called him to breaking one of the holy rules and taking photos and videos whilst inside the Sistine Chapel .

Previously this week, the 42-year-old actor took to Instagram to share many vids and pictures of himself appreciating some of the beautiful parts from Michelangelo inside the Apostolic Palace . The only problem, even though? Photography is not permitted whatsoever due to the fact how the flash can be damaging to the artwork. He or she captioned the blog post:

“I LOVE A PERSON ITALY what a lovely start to our day time off enjoying ROMA. ”

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Fans were shortly infuriated with Jerrika, believing that he should have received special therapy while inside. View the reactions (below):

“So they let the wealthy and famous movie in there but all of us peasants can’t”

“Celebrity freedom. Normal people can not even take pictures in that room plus don’t get to consider pics like this within an empty room. This kind of horses**t”

“Omg of course these people let you take images (I thought this wasn’t allowed regarding preservation purposes”

“ All of us, regular people, are not permitted to film inside the Sistine chapel”

“So wait… pictures in here are restricted yet somehow even though I love you @prideofgypsies you can have the room removed out just for both you and take group pictures I mean just amazing the privilege within famous folks. Simply wow. Goes to show exactly what BS places such as this are with their foolish rules. They’re evidently flexible”

Other people also known as him out for also touching one of the artwork pieces in one of the video clips!

“It would be such as not to touch historic artifacts with your fingers. You are disrespectful. ”

“Don’t touch the artwork with FINGERS! ”

“You don’ t contact the sculptures! therefore disrespectful”

“You cannot contact any of our works of art!!! ”

“I cringed whenever he rubbed their hands on the artwork. I love @prideofgypsies, however, not cool, dude. ”

It’s safe to express that some folks are not too happy relating to this! And we guess Jerrika saw all of the repercussion in his comments area as he actually released an apology about this! The Aquaman star addressed the particular criticism in a video clip shared with Just Jared and later on posted on his Instagram account on Sunday, saying that he failed to mean to hurt anyone:

“I simply also wanted to state, if you ever felt which i disrespected your tradition, it wasn’t our intention. I emerged here when I has been 19 or twenty to experience the Sistine Chapel. I’ve continually wanted to and now that I could, I gave an excellent donation to bring my buddies and crew mainly because we only a new couple days away to experience these areas. ”

He ongoing:

“And then I discovered people wanted to get pictures with me, that is very odd, throughout a trip to the Vatican with all this question and they want to consider pictures with me, that i don’t get, yet regardless, I did. I used to be very respectful and am asked for permission through what I thought, will be okay. I would certainly not want to do anything to disrespect someone’s culture. Merely did, I apologize. It had been not my purpose. I paid to get that private time and gave a pleasant donation to the cathedral. I love you. I am sorry if I upset you. ”

What do YOU think about the particular controversy, Perezcious visitors? Do you think it was bluff for Jason to consider pics and movies inside the Sistine Church? Weigh in for the drama in the remarks (below)…

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