Once the Friends style song said “ I’ ll be there to suit your needs, ” they meant PERMANENTLY.  

In fact , when the display ended, Jennifer Aniston experienced straight-up haunted by the girl onscreen counterpart Rachel Eco-friendly.

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The beloved sitcom celebrity shared her frustrations regarding stepping out of the character’ ersus shadow in The Hollywood Reporter ’ s annual play actress roundtable discussion along with her The particular Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon , Rose Byrne , Zendaya , Helena Bonham Billings , and Janelle Moná e . Jen explained:

“ You just exhaust your self. I mean, I could not get Rachel Green off of my back again for the life of myself. I could not escape ‘ Rachel from Buddies , ’ and it’ s upon all the time and you’ lso are like, ‘ Stop actively playing that f**king show! ‘”

(For anyone upset on their favorite show’ t behalf, fear not: previously this week in a discussion with Friends pal   Mack Kudrow that she right now loves “ stumbling upon episode” of the sitcom. )

The lady continued:  

The Good Girl was your first time I got to really drop whatever the Rachel character had been, and to be able to disappear in to someone who wasn’ t which was such a relief to me. Yet I remember the panic that will set over me, considering, ‘ Oh God, We don’ t know basically can do this. Maybe they’ re right. Maybe everyone else is seeing something I’ m not seeing, that is you are only that woman in the New York apartment using the purple walls. ’ Therefore , I was almost doing it meant for myself just to see if I possibly could do something other than that. And it had been terrifying because you’ lso are doing it in front of the world. ”

The 51-year-old grew to become a bona fide movie star following the show’ s 10-year operate, but to hear her inform it, every step was obviously a struggle. She said:

“ I just struggled with myself and who have I was in this industry permanently, and it was constantly regarding trying to prove that I has been more than that person. But there is certainly such a freedom in growing older because you just stop providing a crap. ”

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The particular actress made her triumphal return to television with The Morning Show , which is an entire world away from the situational humor of the 90s hit. Tallying with Byrne’ s discuss “ preconceived notions” regarding actors who work in particular genres, Aniston said:

“ Once you perform comedy, they don’ capital t think you can do the theatre; and if you’ re just seen as a dramatic actor, they will don’ t think that you can do comedy. They forget that will we’ re actors and actually have it all in there. It’ s just about finding this and accessing it and having the material. ”

We’ ll always adore “ Rachel from Friends , ” but we are THEREFORE glad we’ ve reached see Jen grow plus expand beyond that!