Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow are reminiscing on their Friends friendship.  

The real-life and onscreen pals had a virtual hangout for Variety ’ s i9000 Actors on Actors problem, in which they waxed nostalgic about their time over the beloved sitcom ahead of the forthcoming HBO Max reunion.

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Aniston could even remember the first time she met Kudrow at the first episode desk read — right down to the particular outfit she was putting on! Describing the first time the 6 of them all sat straight down together as a “ marvelous, magical moment, ” the girl explained:  

“ You were wearing a suitable Phoebe Buffay — just like a white linen, hippie t-shirt, and you had a bunch of seashells and necklaces on. And also you had your hair pulled upward in two little videos, and you had these small blond tendrils. So , therefore , so beautiful! ”  

Lisa replied she has been “ trying to get into the character” — and Jen tempted her for thinking the lady still needed to audition!

The set, who revealed their nicknames for each other are “ Floosh” and “ Joo” (Kudrow and Aniston, respectively), had glowing reviews for every others’ non- Friends materials. But even beyond their own fruitful later careers, nevertheless enjoys catching an show of the 90s juggernaut. The particular Morning Show star shared:  

“ I love stuttering on a Friends episode. This time I was with Courteney , and we had been trying to find something to guide, an old Friends thing. After which we stumbled on… bloopers online and we sat generally there at the computer like 2 nerds watching these bloopers laughing at ourselves. ”  

Kudrow accepted to also spending “ hours” watching bloopers, plus both remember “ breaking” in scenes with weakness. Jen recalled:  

“ You and I might always get into these suits of laughter because… you had been about to hit your punchline, and you would do this lovable thing where you would crack. You would say the punchline, and you would always use the audience and state, ‘ I’ m remorseful, it’ s really humorous. ‘”

Ha! We adore that she laughed from her own lines! Hey, everybody else did, it’ s just fair…

Kudrow has appeared upon many beloved shows given that Friends, such as cult hit The particular Comeback and most lately Space Force . But the girl confessed she experienced the “ commitment issue” along with other series after spending 10 years in the NBC program. She mentioned:  

“ It’ s not like, ‘ Oh, it was such effort for 10 years. ’ It’ s not that. It had been that I know that show proved helpful because we all committed to one another too. It wasn’ to just committing to a role, investing a contract. We all still really like each other. Our cast is much like that, and that’ s i9000 why that worked. I believe part of me died. We can’ t do that once again. ”

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Each expressed their excitement for that Friends re-union, which was supposed to be part of the HBO Max launch before coronavirus hit the US. However , the particular actresses still have a lot confidence about the event, even if they will don’ t know what it’ s going to look like. Kudrow teased:  

“ Yeah, we don’ t know everything about this, we need to say. I think we’ re meant to be surprised simply by some things as well. ”  

We have to state, this conversation makes all of us more excited for the re-union than ever!

Ch-ch-check out the whole lovable convo (below)!