Another day, one more make-up guru controversy !

On Friday, Jeffree Star announced the release of his latest colour scheme via Instagram , and it definitely ruffled some feathers. The marbled palette features the word CREMATED prominently across the front, along with each of the 24 eyeshadows within featuring an imprint of the hearse, grave, or urn. Shade names include: Plot Digger, Embalmed, Eulogy, plus Life Insurance.

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Given the present global coronavirus pandemic, that has killed over 300, 500 worldwide and nearly ninety, 000 in the United States alone, a lot of were vocal in the responses section about feeling lower than pleased with the palette, phoning it out as insensitive:

“ To launch this particular during a pandemic and people possess died…. idk but this particular name of this palette is…. 😫 don’ t arrive for me! To each their very own opinion. This one is my own!
I love Jeffree and his products but this particular name isn’ t performing it for me 😔 considering the number of families have lost their adored ones”

“ My dad was creamated very hard pass for me but appreciate it folks”

“ This is very inappropriate during a period when thousands of people are dying… My mom died last year and he or she was cremated I am ashamed you would even call the pallet is everything a tale to you since your an uniform? There is a difference between mixing the pot for drama yet this is such a low strike smh I absolutely loved your own makeup but I’ meters not getting any more Jeffree products ever again…. You simply care about money”

“ Not the best marketing and advertising idea tbh”

However , Star obviously has a lot of fans in the corner who defended your decision to release the palette at this time:

“ I’ m significantly in disbelief that y’ all are getting offended over the MAKEUP PRODUCT. LMAO. He previously this planned way prior to the pandemic and had to switch details around because of it. He’s always said the word “ cremated” it’ s a part of his vocab. My dad is certainly cremated. It’ s section of life like please stop becoming so MF sensitive. The grandparents fought in an real war and y’ each one is crying over a name which was named long befire”

“ If you are upset by the title of this palette, you are probably the “ Karen. ” ”

“ Individuals say “ I’ mirielle dead” “ dying laughing” “ deceased” but when Jeffree makes a pallet named cremated y’ all wanna end up being offended all of a sudden?! You know really well this is not a personal assault! ”

In the collection reveal video clip description, the 34-year-old verifies he has been working on this particular palette since before the coronavirus pandemic began:

“ This particular collection was created in Sept 2019 and was scheduled for a Spring ’ twenty release! ”

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder confirmed within the vid his launch has been actually set for Apr, but was pushed back due to COVID-19, and went into fine detail about naming this colour scheme:

“ Cremated is like the iconic catchphrase, I’ mirielle deceased. Cremated, as well as becoming, of course , very dark plus gothic, it is also a phrase that I like to use, you understand when you’ re actually blown away by something, you’ re mesmerized and it’ s so sickening? Me personally and my friends like to state, bitch, I’ m cremated. ”

Watch for more from Jeffree (below):

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