Jamie Lynn Spears is reflecting for the life-changing moment when the lady got pregnant for the first time just 16 years old!

During a new interview meant for Nylon magazine published upon Monday, the 29-year-old celebrity and famous younger sibling of Britney Spears contributed how she found out the girl was going to be a mom — and how the news dramatically changed the course of her profession. The candid feature blew our minds with a little-known factoid that the starlet as soon as auditioned for a role in… Twilight ?!

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Although the 2008 cult traditional would go on to start the careers of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart , Jamie had just wrapped recording on Zoey 101 at that time and said her supervisors had to beg her to experience for the vampire film!

“They needed to force me. Force me personally. I remember just thinking such as, ‘Y’all are insane. I am not playing a vampire. That is so stupid. Precisely why would I do that? ’ But I went plus read for that role. ”

The particular Nickelodeon alum added:

“I keep in mind sitting in this little space, and I think Lily Collins has been there, and I felt therefore sick. Little did I understand, I was pregnant. ”

Wow. Are you able to just imagine how different appear culture would be if the lady or Collins had snagged the gig?! As Jamie Lynn noted, life acquired bigger plans because soon after she went on to have the girl daughter Maddie , who is now twelve. Explaining the timeline associated with events after Zoey 101 season 4 production covered, she added:

“I didn’t get pregnant until probably six months right after we wrapped or something similar to that, but some of the shows had not aired yet. I believe that there was a conversation along with Nickelodeon, rightfully so , associated with, ‘Do we air these types of episodes? ’ But the display had already wrapped plus there was never a discussion to go into any more months. We were too old. It had been done. ”

Spears opted to cover out at her gated home in the South throughout her pregnancy:

“Everywhere I proceeded to go in Mississippi for that entire nine months, there was normally paparazzi on me almost everywhere I went. But I simply knew that if I just remained away from it long enough which i could give my kid some sense of normalcy back in her life. ”

The particular actress later welcomed the girl daughter Ivey in 2018 with husband Jamie Watson . Yet after taking years far from the cameras to raise the girl family, Jamie is ready to accept the nostalgia back to loyal followers.

Not only can there be a Zoey 101 restart in the works, but a brand new version of the show’s style song, Stick to Me (Zoey 101) , will be released featuring EACH Spears sisters! The quickly pull is expected to debut upon October 25 at Jamie Lynn’s livestream event plus cast reunion. Jamie informed the glossy it was critical that the remix be “reminiscent of that time, but also the current Zoey. ”

“Who would Zoey be today? What would certainly she sound like? This strikes it right on the head, specifically for where I’m going with every thing. And not just for Zoey, however for me, too. ”

She furthermore explained after the All That throw pulled off a successful re-union over the summer, they were many compelled to revive the dearest teen series with an up-to-date twist:

“Obviously we want to meet the girl as an adult now, and am do think it should be a show with regard to young adults. We want to connect with exactly where people are today. The discussions that we’re having now are creative. ‘What is the fact that story? What is the best way to satisfy Zoey today? ’ All of us don’t want to just do it to accomplish. We want it to be great. My ultimate thing is simply continuing doing stuff that I really like and that serves me plus my family, and hopefully provides some happiness into the planet, and for heaven’s sake, provides those Zoey fans what they wish. ”

Between this and the Lizzie McGuire reboot we were guaranteed what feels like ages back, it really goes to show you that will fans are still in love with earlier times! It’s not like 2020 continues to be kind to us, therefore that’s fair. LOLz!

Perezcious readers, you should check out Jamie’s full Nylon feature ( HERE ) and promote your reactions to this amazing story with us (below) within the comments.

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