Similar to the rest of us, Jamie Lee Curtis still can’t overcome the fact Bob Evans  accidentally leaked a naked photo in the Instagram Tale last 30 days. Unlike the rest of us, she understands him personally from actively playing his mother in Knives Out ! And that knowledge has evidently caused the Hollywood veterinarian to craft to her very own theories about the big virus-like moment!

Throughout an appearance on Monday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Display , the 61-year-old humored host Kelly Clarkson ‘s queries about the  photo accident where she speculated that this hunky Hollywood A-lister might’ve purposely leaked that picture of his peen in order to catch the attention of his IG fans. Wow, that’s quite a good inneresting thought, LOLz!

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With a heavy dosage of inquisitive, sarcastic hilarity, Curtis explained herself:

“My issue is this: He’s so wise and such an unbelievably lovely human being. I’m wondering if this was even planned. Do you know what I mean? ”

We agree with all those superlatives about Evans, yet his embarrassment from the scenario tells us he likely failed to plan to casually break the web with a d**k pic on a single unassuming Saturday afternoon within September. Unless he’s great an actor…

The Freaky Friday actress continued producing light of the ordeal plus admitted she was “sweating” just thinking about the shot. Nevertheless , she went to shift interest away from Chris and put their particular Knives Away co-star Don Johnson in the hot chair instead, quipping:

“I could’ve produced some sort of joke and stated had taken after his movie dad, Don Johnson. ”

Whoa, whoa! Is she telling us Put on Johnson is hung?! Evidently she has the inside scoop! The girl revealed:

“I’m really, really good friends with Melanie Griffith . She’s among my best friends and has already been forever, and she was wedded to him twice. ”

Dang! Just once wasn’t good enough! ‘! Good to know… (Sorry,   Dakota Manley ! )

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Once we mentioned, Chris  was definitely self conscious about the romantic contents of his digital camera roll getting out. The Captain America actor told web host Tamron Corridor on her eponymous talk show days later on that the support from their fan base helped him make it through the “teaching” moment.

Curtis isn’t completely wrong about her concept that Chris used the situation with regard to attention because he did specifically shortly after the initial hype passed away down! Instead of making it regarding himself, the Avengers celebrity challenged his followers to pay attention to the, uh, bigger image, by tweeting:

“Now that I have got your attention …. ELECTION Nov 3rd!!! ”

Now that can be expert level spin immediately!! We definitely appreciated their follow-up message and even though we know these ladies had been just poking fun in Evans, we kind of want they would’ve utilized this particular moment to drive his stage home about voting within the upcoming Presidential election not more than a month away from now. The particular objectification of his hot entire body can await later!

Anywho, watch the cheeky portion for yourself (below) and inform us your theory about the outflow in the comments!

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