As the amount of coronavirus cases continues to rise across the country, Mike Paul will not appear to be phased by the COVID-19 health crisis.

The 23-year-old YouTube celebrity, who came under fire with regard to tossing a packed party (without a nose and mouth mask in sight! ) at their mansion in Calabasas final month, sat down to have an interview with Insider in which he admitted he does not understand if he’ ll cease hosting or attending any kind of large gatherings amid the particular ongoing pandemic. Say exactly what?!

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Explaining their apprehension on the subject to the store, he said:

“ We don’ t know what to think about it, to be honest. I don’ t think anyone does indeed. No one has answers, the leadership is failing all of us, and everyone kind of simply doesn’ t know what to accomplish. ”

Fair point about our own leadership failing us, we are going to give him that! The way Donald Trump has handled the particular United States’ response to the particular pandemic has proven to be embarrassing at best and it’ s i9000 a huge reason why this nation is still struggling to get the disease under control while other countries have begun to turn the particular tide.

Regardless of new information being discovered COVID-19 symptoms and how this spreads every day, we do have an idea of what to do right this moment. While its enforcement differs from state to state, health officials have got consistently recommended staying house to limit possible publicity, social distancing at least six feet from one another in public areas, washing your hands, plus wearing a face mask or addressing. These tips are not rocket technology and they help save lives!

Still, Logan Paul ‘ s brother insists absolutely nothing will put an impediment on his civil liberties plus right to party it up. He or she added:

“ But Personally, i am not the type of person who’ s gonna sit about and not live my life. ”

Well, okay then!

We have to say this: this is a wildly irresponsible choice that not only jeopardizes their own health but also the basic safety and well-being of those who seem to choose to be around him. This individual should really follow his former girlfriend Tana Mongeau ‘ s direct (yep, she did a little bit of wild pandemic partying, as well! ) by apologizing for his recklessness and general, do better!

In case you missed the shenanigans, several shocking videos from your gathering (see below) distributed on social media and Calabasas Mayor  Alicia Weintraub   was obviously “ outraged” by what happened at the party.

According to Paul, he talked to the mayor after the celebration and told the syndication that “ everything will be cool. ” However , Weintraub shut down his claim, stating she only spoke towards the internet star’ s representative. She also stated that will local authorities will break up any kind of future parties and may also be issuing fines. Thank heavens someone is willing to examine those who think they’ lso are above the law right now! Significantly, not a good look, Jake!

We can’ big t help but wonder the number of people might’ ve examined positive from that shindig and subsequently passed this on to others. Here’ s i9000 to hoping that no one follows his lead which we all continue to stay secure during these uncertain times!