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Properly, I could have gone more of my life without knowing who or even what Shane Dawson can be. But after a soft jump into his very popular Youtube . com channel, I now seem like a cold shower along with a self-performed lobotomy are in purchase. If you happen to be new to the particular goings-on within the YouTube local community (and consider yourself fortunate, if so), Shane has already established a reputation for being absolutely revolting   and hurtful for some time now. And after somebody pulled out a clip, which usually involves  Willow Cruz , of Shane resembling he’ s auditioning for the place in The Roman Polanski Appreciation Club, he has been called out by  Jaden Smith and  Jada Pinkett Cruz.

Today, normally, Shane (and permanently reason) would probably never also register on Jada’ t radar. But because Shane released a video on Fri, entitled “ Having Accountability ”, in which he apologizes for past messiness, the old clip involving Willow has recently resurfaced. Nothing had been really  off-limits for Shane. Use of the N-word, blackface, pedo shit, his library has it all!

In the event that you’ re interested in viewing another YouTuber pretend to appear sad in an apology video clip, you can catch it here . Yet basically, Shane needed twenty minutes (and that’ t a long time to stare with his face) to movie himself throwing out a couple of “ I’ m sowwys. ”  

“ Me, being a white person, wearing a hairpiece, playing a character, carrying out stereotypes and then saying the particular N-word is something that I ought to have probably lost my profession for at the time. There’ t no amount of apologizing that may take it away. ”

Well a couple who decidedly did NOT purchase Shane’ s apologies are usually Jada and Jaden, who have now have a personal bone to choose. And Shane better look out because the Smiths may or might not have the almighty powers of Scientology doing work for them.

According to E! On the web , the Smiths are usually PISSED over the clip through 2010 of Shane, that is currently 31 years old, deceiving to masturbate to a poster of an 11-year-old Willow whilst he sings along with her song, “ Whip My Hair”. So edgy .   Again, not really worth posting here but if you would like to see that pedo fuckery, you are able to examine it here .  

And as anticipated, each of the Smiths tweeted their particular disgusted reactions to the movie:  

Neither Willow nor the girl dad, May Smith , have provided their thoughts yet.

Coincidentally, while Shane never specifically addressed the particular Willow clip in his apology video– – which, once again, was posted on Fri, the day before the Smiths’ tweets– – he does recognize his past use of those under 18 in his “ humor “:

“ I actually swear on my life, We are not somebody who would actually talk about a child… similar to seriousness, I would never discuss a child in any way that was unacceptable, ” he said. “ That is disgusting. That is major. It is not something I would actually do. It is something I did so for shock value or even because I thought it was amusing, like ‘ Oh the god, my child molester character. ’ It’ s i9000 all gross and I guarantee that is not real. That is not myself. ”

So , by his own accounts, being a creepy perv across the subject of kids is not really Shane. Except it is! Yet Shane may have fucked using the wrong one because it may be hard for him to create YouTube videos when there’ s no WiFi within the prison camp on Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) (or Hemet, CA), that is where he may find himself following the Smiths get in touch with the thetan spirit of L. Ron Hubbard .

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