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If I wrote a series of important, best-selling books and birthed countless iconic literary character types as a result– – wow, and made over one BILLION DOLLARS in the process– – I would buy me personally a couple of islands, pack up the shit and you’ m probably never hear through me again (hell, basically wrote one book and yes it sold 12 copies, We still wouldn’ t wish to talk to people). But not J. K. Rowling.

L. K. has taken a break through throwing piles of money on to the fire in one associated with her many castles plus resurfaced with a few of the girl trademark messy opinions upon transgender people. On the in addition side: she’ s at this point probably earned some brand new fans in the form of those fundamentalist Christians who wanted Harry Potter banned for advertising witchcraft.

Variety is reporting that the King of Young Adult Hype reaches it again, dabbling in some transphobic tweeting after commenting on a write-up featuring an Op-Ed post from Devex, a press platform for the global advancement community. The story, about menstruation, seemed to have rubbed M. K. the wrong way and she unquestionably had to say something… in the center of protests and a pandemic.   Dumbledore, please arrive get this mess…  

People immediately known as her out, clapping back again with a reminder that transgender, non-binary people and gender-nonconforming people can menstruate, as well. But it didn’ t prevent there as J. Nited kingdom. doubled-down on her comments simply by referencing a page in the girl handbook, Karens Who Are Certain They’ lso are Always Right: UK Model and tossing out that tired aged chestnut: “ I actually respect , BUT… . ”

What is happening?! It’ s not as if someone even posed a question in order to J. K. and anxiously waited for a response– – the lady took it upon their self to throw out her concepts that LITERALLY nobody requested. This IS the hill she really wants to die on for some reason. L. K. went on to refuse claims that she’ ersus a TERF– – the trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

And has not really yet responded to a cautionary statement from GLAAD:

J. K. has however to release an apology or even a further nonsensical breakdown associated with what she “ really meant” . But given her great controversial tweeting, nobody is absolutely holding their breath. BY THE WAY, the irony is not dropped on me that M. K. ’ s title is a joke in itself.

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