If you needed the reminder that the whole Trump family tree is full associated with racists, Ivana Trump is here now to provide it.

Donald Trump ’s first wife offered one of very few TV selection interviews since her ex grew to become President of the United States on Uk talk show Loose Women this week, and she was EXTREMELY supportive of the job he is done.

Even though she said she does not “like” politics much, the girl views are totally in-line with Trump’s — however, most toxic ones. Recognizing she was “proud” associated with Donald, she said:

“He’s professional everything that I believe in. He or she is Republican and so am We. He’s achieved so much, specifically with immigration. ”

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She went on to talk about this shockingly racist belief:

“A lot of people, they do not dress even American, you understand, they dress in whatever these people dress in, and they don’t obtain jobs and they steal and so they rape the women. ”


This kind of inflamed language is right out of the girl ex-husband’s xenophobic playbook. Pleasant reminder that this is an overall mischaracterization of immigration in general, and not for nothing, it’s the classic fascist move — blaming everything on THE ADDITIONAL. (And no, it is not meant to stop an anxiety but quite the opposite. )

The businesswoman held going with a classic I’m-not-racist-after-saying-something-racist proceed:

“I have absolutely no problem with the particular immigrants, but they have to reach the country legally. They have to obtain a job, they have to pay fees like the rest of Americans and live and be well and to the society. ”

Host Jane Moore pushed back on Ivana’s racist rhetoric, pointing away her privilege and the idea that she herself was a migrant to the U. S. Whenever Moore called her explanation of immigrants “inhumane, ” Trump replied:

“Well if it is inhumane, then it is that. But everyone has to pick themselves upward, they have to go and make an application for the visa properly, they come to America, they can arrive and cross the edge properly. ”

Except that’s not really how seeking asylum functions. Moore shot back:

“Those possibilities are very few and far between now, are not they? ”

Ivana brushed the girl comments off, doubling straight down:

“Well it is. But the people that has a will, they prevail. People who don’t want to work plus which just want to come to The united states and get the benefits and get the meals stamps and sleep for the benches, this is what we do not want. … I have my estimation, provides his, but I really believe what he is doing, exactly what he is doing for us as well as for the county and for the particular economy. ”

Elsewhere in the job interview, she shaded Melania (who, for what it’s really worth, dedicated visa fraud to work in the US) since “quiet, ” though the lady preferred not to “get associated with the ex-wives. ” The lady also weighed in over the idea that her daughter Ivanka could become the first women President of the United States. She mused:

“I tell you, I think, she’s within the White House every day, you understand? She’s next to her dad every day. She knows most what is going around. I think the girl could be one day the first female president, definitely. She’s wise as hell, she’s attractive, she’s au courant. Just how much more you can have? ”

Umm… what about some actual political encounter outside her nepotistic Whitened House job? (Which, with regard to what this particular is worth, ought to be unlawful a few times more than via the Hatch Act).

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All in all, we all can’t be surprised simply by how terrible Ivana will be, but we are tired of needing to listen to another member of the particular Trump family running their particular racist mouth.

You can watch the full video associated with her interview, though curiously, her most controversial claims have already been edited out. Ch-ch-check it out (below):

[embedded content]

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