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The FIA KZ World Kart Championship took place on Sunday, but instead associated with just racing through this and competing to earn like a normal person, 1 driver COMPLETELY LOST THEIR S**T AND ALMOST KILLED A DIFFERENT ONE BY THROWING A FENDER ON THE TRACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARTICULAR RACE!

Simply no, seriously! You have to watch this particular short video clip (above) to think the insanity! In it, you can observe Italian Kart driver Luca Corberi pick up a bumper right after an apparent crash, steadly walk out to the side of the street — where other motorists are FLYING by — and wait until the man he wants comes simply by and he tosses the fender out to hit his vehicle!

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The 23-year-old driver clearly shocked the particular announcer covering the race, whom called the actions “absolutely undesirable, ” but they are even worse than that, if we are being honest. Honestly, Corberi is lucky he did not kill somebody with that point — or get seriously injured or killed, themselves, had he been strike by one of the karts!!!

According to TMZ , Corberi had apparently been disqualified from the competition for coming into contact with an additional driver — presumably the main one he was mad on here — and, nicely, one unfortunate thing resulted in another. And worse yet, Corberi apparently missed the man he was attempting to hit, as well as the driver the bumper hit instead was reportedly simply an innocent racer uninvolved in the controversy. WHAT?! That will whole video is INSANE!

And as in case that’s not crazy sufficient, watch what happened in the pits after the race (below), in which a full-fledged fight immediately breaks or cracks out after Corberi apparently goes to attack the driver he previously initially targeted:

Ummm… WOW.

Kart fans are usually calling for a lifetime ban intended for Corberi’s actions, considering he or she legitimately could have killed someone if something had gone actually wrong with the bumper-throwing occurrence. We’ve seen plenty of movies of people losing their emotions in sports-related incidents, plus athletes getting into fights throughout games and all that, as well, but this one seriously requires the cake. Talk about using things to another (totally irrational) level. And the fight following the incident on the track is definitely crazy, too! Where do they find these people?! (And specifically, Corberi! LOLz! )

We do not really know what the usual penalties are usually for Kart racing infractions, but this s**t can be f**ked, man!

Looks like the terrible yr that is 2020 has also affected niche racing organizations!!!


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Oct apr, 2020 16: 21pm PDT

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