Mac Rovik a photographer who helps his friend to do magic. He himself click pictures of innocent faces while watching magic and hence proving that its really a fairy tale for innocent faces.

He remembered when he saw the magic for the first time, it was the card game and “Find the Lady” game. For him it was really wonderful and happiest day of his life because¬† of magic.

Therefore he decided to click pictures of innocent faces and capture the exact moment of reaction they feel when they witness the magic. The joy they get to see the magic which they cannot believe that actually happened in front of their eyes.

Children do believe in fairy tales or magic when they watch it on the television but witnessing in real world in front of eyes, that’s bewildering.

Here are some pictures that Mac Rovik has photographed during magic show of innocent faces.

Here are the pictures: 

#1. Jett Boy.

#2. Isla Boy.

#3. Jayke Boy.

#4. Immy Baby girl.

#5. Rylee Boy.

#6. Lulu Baby girl.

#7. Joshy Baby girl.

#8. Sienna Baby girl.

#9. Jordy Boy.

#10. Jonty Boy.



Source: Bored Panda