Soosh, a 37-year-old Ukranian artist who didn’t have her father by her side while growing up decided to illustrate the sweetness of a father-daughter bond. Seeing women with supportive dads around made her see what a huge difference a father’s presence can make to a daughter’s life. Infact, studies have shown that women who are blessed with encouraging and caring fathers, actually grow up to be more confident, successful and independent.

Soosh created a series of illustrations showing a father-daughter bond. Check out her work below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite. 

1. They teach us everything they know!

2. Sometimes they let us teach them something fun too…

3. No matter how busy they are, they always make time for us!

4. They go above and beyond to see us smile!

5. Even the most mundane chores are fun with them.

6. They remind us to always believe in ourselves and that everything is possible!

7. They tolerate our tantrums, no matter how old we become.

8. They’ll do anything for us.

9. They teach us the importance of knowing how to cook even though they can barely to cook either.

10. No matter the ups and downs, life isn’t the same without dads around. 

Here’s a shout out to all dads who make an effort to maintain a healthy relationship with their daughters. What are your thoughts about these illustrations? Let us know!