This puts a whole new meaning on the term ‘work wife’!

Princess Beatrice may have low-key married the man of her dreams last week at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, but new hubby Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi is giving us nightmares with his latest decision to recommend his ex-fiancée take up office space right next to his London office! It’s seriously a little too close for comfort!!!

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According to, the Italian property developer helped ex-fiancée Dara Huang move into the very same Kensington-area building in which Edoardo himself bases his own company. Huang, a 38-year-old Chinese-American architect who runs a company called Design Haus Liberty, also shares a three-year-old son with the Italian property exec, too, so it’s not exactly like they’re not involved in each other’s lives anyways!

In fact, the presence of Mapelli Mozzi’s son is pretty much exactly why he recommended Huang for the London office space in his building when it became available in the first place! The outlet spoke to someone only identified as “a friend” of Mr. Mapelli Mozzi, who gave this reasoning for Huang’s presence so close to the Italian real estate broker’s work space:

“Edo was already a tenant there and when the space below him became available, he recommended it to Dara. He felt like it made a lot of sense: They get on very well and intend to stay close as they are raising a child together.”


And while this same friend of Edoardo is keen on making it clear Dara sees no romantic entanglement ahead, the same apparently cannot be said of Princess Beatrice, who is reportedly a little leery of how close the exes still are.

Earlier this year, ahead of the eventual secret wedding, a source spoke to the same outlet about this exact subject, outlining Bea’s concerns that the friendly exes could potentially get a little too friendly:

“Having initially been very cool about their friendship, Bea would rather there was a little more distance between Dara and Edo after all. Edo may disagree, but Dara personally believes they would still be together were it not for Bea. But Bea has nothing to worry about — Dara styles Edo because she’s a tiger mum. She has no secret wish to get back together. Plus, she actually quite likes Beatrice.””

Wait, so this guy doesn’t just have a nice co-parenting relationship with his ex-fiancée, but she actually dresses him in all his clothes, too?!

Unfortunate timing may play a role here, too. ‘Edo,’ as he’s affectionately known, only started dating Princess Beatrice in late 2018 — just six full weeks after he and Dara split up. The original breakup was so sudden and new at the time of Mapelli Mozzi’s courtship of the royal family member that Edoardo still lived with Dara while the pair each searched for separate places even as Beatrice entered the picture.

Now THAT is too close for comfort, if you ask us!!!

Regardless, here they are now, one big, happy (?) co-parenting cooperative destined to take London by storm. …or something. Sounds like the makings of a new reality TV show, doesn’t it?! Ha! JK!!!

What do U make of this interesting arrangement, Perezcious readers?? Too close for comfort, or the perfect way to co-parent with ease?! Could YOU do it??

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