Time to go back over the rabbit hole…

Holly Madison has opened up just before about her amount of time in the Dem playboy estate, notably in the girl hit memoir Down the Bunny Hole: Curious Escapades and Cautionary Stories of a Former Hughs playboy Bunny . It had been so juicy they’ re even creating a limited series biopic about this!

Therefore any time she’ t willing to spill a lot more tea, we are all rabbit ears. And in a trip this week to the Call Her Dad podcasting , that’ s i9000 just what was in the menu.

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The Look Show creator talked about what’ s become associated with her relationships along with fellow Playboy models, revealed those that have made exes Hugh Hefner and Criss Angel so comparable, and of course gave all of us an even better consider what it meant to accomplish the dream of a lot of naive young girls — and how it was really a nightmare.

The Girls Across the street Today

One thing a lot of enthusiasts might be most interested in is Holly’ h relationship with the SOME OTHER two girlfriends through her time along with Hef — Kendra Wilkinson plus Bridget Marquardt . Drama one of the three wasn’ to exactly a key — after all it had been the basis of an actuality show that leaped on E! for five yrs!

Yet is she still touching her Women Next Door co-stars? She solved very specifically:

“ Bridget and I will always be close. We’ ve always been friends considering that day one. She is . ”

Awww, that’ s great to hear! We really kind of figured she’ d tried to place that entire picture behind her, which includes Bridget. To hear they’ re still great warms the heart.

But certainly the hosts needed to ask if the girl also has any kind of romantic relationship with Kendra, that Holly replied matter-of-factly:

“ No . ”

Fair enough! LOLz!

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But let’ h take a trip down memory space lane, shall all of us? Back to where everything started… the bedroom.

The very first Night

Holly described that will first hookup within her book, yet this was another undertake it. In this case the lady talked about how the individual decision to allow this man strike it emotionally secured her in for 7 YEARS!

She remembered sensation the pressure to visit all the way all of a sudden, stating:

“ Everybody might go upstairs plus basically everybody might have s*x and I didn’ t know what to anticipate. I think I had the sensation that, this is our first night out, probably I won’ to be expected to do anything at all my first night time. But then when I obtained up there, I used to be so wasted plus thrown into it, that will once it was performed, there was something regarding the experience that produced me feel very uncontrollable. ”

How therefore?

“ For me, I’ m already in this particular desperate situation plus I’ d currently thought living on the mansion would be a treatment for my problems. I believe I felt easily were just to depart that night and not come back, I would possess felt really utilized and really chewed upward and spit away. ”

So it seems like she felt like the lady had already been used at that point — therefore she may too get the benefit?

Another Playmate recently came ahead saying Hefner didn’ t really rest with all the girls , but Holly flat-out denies that. Actually she made it very clear anyone who stayed within the Mansion DEFINITELY needed to put out for the opportunity:

“ I had in order to sleep with your pet first. I’ meters not trying to whore shame anybody or even anything but nobody actually got asked to advance in unless that they had slept with your pet. ”

Unfortunately, relocating didn’ t turn out to be everything she’ deb hoped for either…

Dropping For It

Holly says the lady didn’ t genuinely have the vocabulary for this at the time, or even many years later when the girl wrote her guide, but she identifies now that Hef’ s i9000 M. O. to obtain women into a romantic relationship was all the “ love bombing” plus sweetness up front which are “ are extremely cliche of groomers” these days.

But to that 21-year-old girl, him informing her she was “ really special” proved helpful.

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However , she didn’ t get the primary girlfriend role due to how special the girl was. She states the other girls “ pushed” her in it.

“ Nobody wished it. At first I used to be flattered by it… I felt like I had been really special. In the meantime, everybody else had been right now there long enough to know the actual deal was. ”

The deal was needing to move into Hef’ h room — which usually meant an even stronger leash, a smaller crate. But it wasn’ to just Hef the lady had to worry about — his mind online games, playing the girls away from one another, meant the girl had to watch the girl back from each sides:

“ After that everybody turned on me personally not long after mainly because Hef realized can use my great behavior as an evaluation for the other young ladies. Why can’ big t you just behave such as Holly does? They hated me. These were like, let’ s i9000 get this bitch from here. ”

Actually she recalls the ladies always being at every other’ s throats; instead of outnumbering the person for power, these were just struggling towards one another constantly:

“ It was really aggressive, nobody got together, everybody tried to snitch on the other… No one really wants to help anyone out. Everybody wants the centerfold or more cash. ”

She states it was “ horrendous” her first couple of years there. And it just got worse…

‘ Boring Basic S*x’

OKAY, obviously everyone wants to find out what s*x along with Hef was like. All of us mean, he was obviously a legend, he has been with countless attractive women for years, definitely he must have already been an A+ partner, right?

Actually, no, a minimum of not according to Holly.

She’ s spilled prior to, in her memoir, about the TVs actively playing porn while the ladies pretended to be thinking about one another. But there’ s more to it compared to that.

First there were the particular Quaaludes, which Holly says she viewed Hef hand out such as candy to ladies “ for years”. He infamously known them as “ thigh openers. ” So classy. Whilst Holly didn’ big t partake of the tougher drugs, she do say she numbed herself with alcoholic beverages and can’ big t “ remember a period in the bedroom We wasn’ t lost. ” In fact , the lady says, she had been always “ as well messed up” in order to orgasm with Hef. Not that he place in the work.

No, Holly states Hef would NEVER “ pleasure” the women, in case you get her which means, and in fact might just lay as well as let them do the function. As she identifies it, in the end, for the pomp and situation, it wasn’ to even that perverted — just “ boring basic s*x. ”

She does believe in retrospect the particular septuagenarian’ s “ obsession with women was semi-gross” — especially when paired using the fact he had the “ fixation” about how they were groomed. Particularly:

“ He would obtain mad if someone wasn’ t shaved. ”


What about your penis? The Hef male organ? Sorry to dissatisfy, but Holly states it “ was much like, normal. ” Boo! So boring certainly!

Babies With Hef?

Holly told the team how grateful the girl was that she by no means got pregnant — which she is certain was because of their advanced age — he was seventy five when they met.

“ I knew it had been because of him. I used to be healthy. He had been just too older. Thank god. ”

But for a while the girl did try. Precisely why? She had dedicated herself to Hef, and she was subsequent through:

“ I think this is my final stop, if I wish to have kids, I’ meters going to try. I had been like, okay, when I’ m never going to have kids right here, this is something I have to think about. This is just like a death sentence. ”

She’ s grateful that frame of mind — which kept the girl a kept female for years — didn’ t ultimately lead to pregnancy though, otherwise it would have been a lot more permanent:

“ Once i had first become into that scenario and something happened inside my mind that initial night I had sexual intercourse where I seemed, ‘Ok I did that will. I like breached my very own boundaries and I wasn’ t comfortable with this. Now I have to get this situation into some thing. ’ I nearly locked myself in to this box in ways. ”

Living At The Mansion

That container was little more than the usual cage lined along with pink, plushy cushions. Holly described such a nightmare it really was being there. “ Pets” may have been another mag’ s factor, but that’ ersus definitely how Hef treated the girls, based on Holly:

“ I’ ve seen individuals come in 5 minutes right after 9pm curfew and obtain dressed down simply by him. ”

Curfew?! Yep. Like these were teenagers, and he has been their parent. Therefore gross. But that will didn’ t quit all these young women through going out and seeding their wild rolled oats.

Holly revealed when the lady first moved within, there were six some other women living generally there, including her precursor as Hef’ s i9000 number one girl, Tina Michael jordan . Multiple of these women, as it ended up, were “ internet dating other people on the side” — and when he or she found out, Hef obtained “ super envious. ”

Holly says the girl personally witnessed the particular lying as one gal (she wouldn’ to say who) informed Hef she would definitely visit family whenever she was “ really f**king Kid Rock and roll or even something. ” CHILD ROCK?! How mortifying! For everyone involved, really…

We speculate it was after that ordeal that he started breaking down even more. Holly confirmed Hef had been insanely jealous plus controlling. Not only do the girls have a curfew, even Hef had been “ very picky about how he curated his friend crew” so as not to provide them with any temptation in order to sleep with the various other men who frequented. Holly revealed their strategy was not to have younger men around:

“ He or she was always actually careful about getting other older men around. ”

Unfortunately it wasn’ t all envy.

Holly also described Hef as being a cruel companion, if you could even contact him that. The lady actually got taking once life at times while coping with him and got antidepressants for years. That will combined with the alcohol, plus Holly says the girl actually got therefore numb her “ brain felt slower” after a while.

“ I believe it was part of becoming nervous, partly questioning myself, partly in this environment exactly where I was always consuming and my brain was never activated. I was kind of constantly in fear of obtaining sabotaged by some other women, getting kicked out, him shouting at me or even embarrassing me before other people. ”

Major. Holly can see this on her own encounter when looking at their self on TV, too:

“ When I look back again at Girls Across the street, especially the first few months, I see myself simply coping. I was actually stiff and not open up and just like an automatic robot and saying the kind of things I sensed Hef would want me personally to say and issues that made him look great. I can’ big t really don’ capital t regret that mainly because I don’ capital t know how else I might have coped. Right now, I’ m a lot more myself and more open up. I couldn’ to have said the things i was really saying or even feeling, it would were cut. I was extremely guarded and extremely nervous about placing my private existence out into the community. ”

Exactly why She Finally Still left

Holly says she understood she wasn’ to happy for some time. Yet that didn’ capital t mean just reducing and running — she’ s not really that kind of lady:

“ I produced a commitment to be along with him and we discussed being together throughout his life. We felt a little accountable about leaving. ”

However , the kids factor was a major dealbreaker, even more powerful compared to his hold more than her:

“ Nevertheless I realized I actually wasn’ t likely to be able to have children with him, which was a big thing … and my despression symptoms was coming back and would go and enquire Bridget why I used to be depressed and he wouldn’ t ask myself. It was just actually weird. ”

However it was around the period the other girls had been leaving that issues got the most severe:

“ As everyone was leaving, I actually started to realize it’ s just me personally and Hef, using the lashing out on me more. I actually don’ t understand if he had been just stressed … I know things weren’ t so great monetarily for him, probably he had some tension, or didn’ big t have the games associated with pitting the three people against each other any longer. He started lashing to really stupid factors and I just understood I can’ capital t be here. ”

Yes. After all those yrs it finally strike her:

“ This person is an a**hole, We can’ t remain here. ”

Yet there was one other huge factor in driving the girl to leave Hefner. She didn’ capital t want to become a cheater — but there is a guy out there the girl just couldn’ big t get out of her mind… freak.

Mindfreak. It’ t Criss Angel. You obtain it.

Criss Angel

If you believed the Hugh Hefner relationship was poor, at least Holly can say his name aloud. She’ ll just refer to her wizard ex as “ He Who Will Not have to get Named”! LOLz!

She informed the Contact Her Daddy crew:

“ When I left the particular mansion, I got drawn into another connection that was really poor. ”

She states Angel got hold of the girl the same way Hef did:

“ I used to be so ready psychologically to be independent, however it was another appreciate bombing relationship and am just fell directly into that. ”

Fortunately it was soon enough that will she was able to acknowledge the patterns — and make sure the lady didn’ t obtain stuck for another 7 years!

“ I had been given another connection of the Hef partnership just with a young person and without the particular culty-type situation about it… I really seem like that was really delivered to me by the world to be this last dot on the We, to be like, alright you need to never maintain a relationship such as this again”

Thankfully this might sound like Holly discovered what she required to. And hey, that’ s what your own 20s are intended for, right?

What has amazed YOU the most regarding Holly’ s reminiscences of her period at the Playboy Estate?? You can listen to the entire convo RIGHT HERE .

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