We bet you didn’t even know you needed these simple but clever inventions. They’re so simple that it’s actually pretty amazing how they’re not everywhere, everyday things. They aren’t now, but they will be someday. Take a peek at some of the most clever inventions in the world.

This chair has a slot to prevent bags from slipping off.
This button allows you to call for either service or the bill without having to flag anyone down.
This car won’t let you listen to music until your seatbelt is fastened.
This phone box was turned into an emergency defibrillator, but the possibilities for phone boxes are endless.
This desk has pedals to keep kids active in school.
This store in the Netherlands lets you try out various toilet papers before buying them.
Hydrophobic materials let secret messages shine through in the rain.
This modern tie features a microfiber lining that doubles as a device screen cleaner.
This motorcycle jacket comes with its own blinkers, so the rider doesn’t have to remember those hand signals.
This USB drive is printed onto paper.
This fruit label comes with a section that advises on when the mango is ripe.
Here’s a rack for skateboards, complete with locks.
This gas station has its pumps come down from the ceiling, so no one has to worry about which side their tank is on.
This vending machine is full of mustard. We can only hope it exists in a magical realm where there are countless pretzels.
This gum comes with wrappers for when you’d like to spit it out.
This sewing kit comes with pre-threaded needles.
This mirror’s center section has a heated panel, so it won’t fog up.
These chips come with a handle, helping you avoid sticking your whole arm in the tube.

What a time to be alive! Now, if only there were vending machines that sold other condiments besides mustard…