Way back in 2010, a couple yrs before celeb photo hackers became practically commonplace, very revealing — if furthermore quite flattering — expert nude photos of  Heather Morris   leaked.

At that time the  Glee star and former  Beyoncé backup dancer played this very cool regarding her nude body being available for all of to see online.

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She told  Extra at the time about the photos:

“ For me, I think they are attractive. It’ s not some thing I’ m ashamed of. Everyone should do tasteful beautiful nudes so when you get older you’ re gonna be like, ‘ Oh that’ s whenever my body looked so great! ‘”

That could have been how she experienced about the images themselves, yet that wasn’ t the entire story. Despite looking fantastic in the well-lit shots the girl was also just as embarrassed while you might be if everyone a person worked with saw you nude!

In a new  Instagram post on Tuesday, Heather shared as much of her entire body with the world as the girl was comfortable with — whilst recalling exactly how it really experienced so long ago. She published:

“ Okay so more than 10 years ago, some of naked photos were leaked associated with me and many other actresses in the market. To say I was MORTIFIED is definitely an understatement; my body was but still is part of my work and I felt like I couldn’ t even walk around the work place thinking that everyone got seen every single piece of me personally (a couple of snide responses from co-stars game the way which didn’ to help). ”

She doesn’ big t mention which co-stars, plus certainly we understand why the lady wouldn’ t want to place her fellow cast people of  Glee on blast. Yet “ snide comments”? Actually? To someone who’ h supposed to be your friend??

Heather moves on, stating:

“ Shortly after that passed away into the abyss, I had formed two kids and grew to become a mom. So until this day, I’ ve already been VERY sacred about how We display myself and definitely nevertheless don’ t even really feel 100% comfortable in anything at all riskay . ”

However the 33-year-old momma stepped away from her comfort zone and submitted a bikini selfie!

Heather Morris Sting bikini Instagram (c) Heather Morris/Instagram

Why? She’ s doing a 30-day health and fitness challenge, and dammit the lady needed to show off just how great she’ s feeling about himself! She wrote:

“ However to add no pressure in order to feeling like I need to be considered a twig or a certain weigh/shape/size (it’ s honestly an idea I’ ve come to terms with that will my body is beautiful regardless)… recently I began the @barrys 30 day challenge and I only want to say that during this quarantine Personally i think the best I’ ve actually felt in over a 10 years 👏 👏 its the f**king challenge and a hard one at that, yet I just want to say.. let’ s not anyone really feel ashamed of who we are and go kick some butt when we want to and feel great about ourselves, okay!!? I’ m done… 👊 🏻 ”

Well, all we can state is we’ re happy for Heather. This kind of entire body confidence is hard won, and he or she should enjoy it.

That and it turns out she actually didn’ t need pictures to remind her associated with when her body appeared so great! Just a mirror!