Benny Harlem is an artist and tries to come up with new and unique ideas for world record. He does hairdo duos with his daughter very confidently which is unique. They tend to do experiment with their hairstyle.

Harlem is a famous artist, a songwriter and a model as well. He believes that through fashion an artist could be confident and unique as well in what ever he intend to do.

He has a  Guinness world record for the tallest high top fade at 52, 07 cm  (20, 5 inches). Benny says, it is a heritage in  the family to grow hair  and have a hairstyle by which they can  be unique and confident.

A father and a daughter has a unique relationship in which they admire each other and teach many lessons. He loves his daughter Jaxyn a lot and they both intend to do experiment with their hairstyle and fashion as well.

The unique hairdos fashion done by  father and a daughter led to a Guinness world record. Benny teaches his daughter to be always unique and out most confident in whatever she do.

The photographs of  hairdos duo shows noteworthy  the perfect relationship, fashion and uniqueness.

The Pictures: 

























Jaxyn told VICE : “He really is the most wonderful man in this world. His soul inspire me to be my best. Daddy is my confidant and my teacher. Not just in my school studies, but my teacher in my life.”


Source: Bored panda