When a Wayne, New Jersey , guy lost his job among lockdown, he decided not to allow crisis get the best of him.

Brian Schwartz, 39, worked hard as a Nyc digital advertising executive, very hard his wife would frequently pull him away from his pc. Although his life had been upended after losing their job, Schwartz faced living head-on.

Together with his late grandfather in mind, Schwartz realized that senior citizens and experienced in his community were combating greater battles against COVID-19 . And he wanted to help.

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Epoch Times Photo

Brian Schwartz’s “I Desire to Mow Your Lawn” service offers to mow lawns for senior citizens and veterans at no charge. (Courtesy of Brian Schwartz)

Schwartz decided lawn mowing was a socially distanced service he could provide—at no cost—to those over the age of sixty-five. And so, I Want To Mow Your own Lawn—his free service—was created.

“I simply love grandparents, ” Schwartz told CNN. “I can simply imagine the stress they’re every going through. I realized many of them (senior citizens) are on set incomes, so I figured there are a creative way to help all of them out. Not just physically, but additionally mentally. ”

The former advertiser used their knowledge of marketing to set up a web site and Facebook page .

“With all happening in the world, it’s the least I possibly could do for our elderly neighbours, ” he writes in the internet site , IWantToMowYourLawn. com.

“I love grandma and grandpa. I miss mine. Seems good to help out.. Furthermore looking to help disabled experienced! I believe that putting some great out into the universe, everything comes back. ”

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Shortly, after sending a pr release to the local news in order to spread the word of their mission, his free yard service began to boom. This individual got his first consumer at the end of June. Since then, Schwartz, who had little gardening experience prior to his brand new venture, has provided for more than the usual dozen seniors.

Before each gig, Schwartz loads his gardening tools into the back of his 4×4 and gets to business. He or she makes sure to maintain social isolating by calling customers on the phone when he happens, and sends air hugs to appreciative customers.

He doesn’t acknowledge tips—but many have donated to help with the price of gas or donated towards nonprofit organizations close to Schwartz’s heart, which he listings on his website. He right now offers his service within four New Jersey counties: Passaic County, Morris County, Bergen County, and Essex Region.

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Epoch Times Photo

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Two neighbours who also lost their own jobs during the pandemic have got even joined the newbie landscaper on his mission.

Schwartz said this individual plans to continue expanding their free lawn-mowing service when he figures out his next profession move. He encourages others that are facing challenges due to the pandemic to continue networking and never quit.

Until then, Schwartz said he will continue steadily to follow his heart.

The CNN Wire and Epoch Moments Staff contributed to this tale.