Some people put a lot of money into their little projects and hobbies. Making a financial commitment, however big or small, is an important step in seeing your creative ideas come to fruition. While most projects will ending costing some money – not a lot of them are actually madeof money.

Reddit user, Callofthegame recently posted about a craft project of his that would need some money, specifically pennies.

He started out by refinishing this old tabletop.

The next step…pennies and more pennies. Everyone has a few extra pennies lying around – this guy decided to make something awesome with his extra change.

Given that some of his pennies were older than others, there are a variety of colors in the collection. He made the choice to create a pattern using the differing colors, rather than simply throwing them together randomly.

I’m going to guess that’s about 10 or 11 bucks worth of pennies right there. The beauty of the pattern is starting to emerge.

The process seems like a slow, tedious one, but I’m sure seeing the table come together was very satisfying.

The builder also cut some pennies to make them fit snug along the table’s edge.

Once the penny project was complete, he sealed the surface with some glossy epoxy varnish.

This beautiful table is definitely worth a pretty good chunk of change.

The finished product.

(via: Reddit)

It feels weird saying this about a bunch of pennies, but this table really is beautiful. The great thing about a table made of pennies is that you know exactly how much it’s worth. So, next time you think about just throwing your change away, consider what you could make with it, instead.