In 1997, grandmother Jaina Bee bought a house in San Francisco to settle down. You would think she’d calmly enjoy her retirement, and maybe become a sweater-knitting machine. Instead, Bee opened her home to her artistic friends throughout the community. She allowed everyone the chance to turn her home into the strangest collection of art on the West Coast. Each room was decorated in a completely different style, and you’re sure to see a room you can’t help but love!

Bee actually lives in her “Granny’s Empire of Art.” The “mutations” started the day she moved in.

She invites friends and fellow artists to come, stay, play, and participate in the evolving décor of her home.

The main house was built in 1914, but the cottage out back (also decorated) was built in 1896.

“We started with the cottage in back, and over the years the mutations have taken over the main house in front.”

“I live in the cottage. It’s more of my private quarters.”

“The front house, nicknamed the Guest House, is more of a shared space with my community of friends and artists. (I’ve had salons, receptions, film fests and other events at the house, but always for friends, it’s not a public venue).”

Each room was worked on by many of Jaina’s friends over the years. In fact, she threw open her doors since the first day she owned the house in the hopes of creating a utopian collaboration of in-house art.



Each room within the main house has a unique name to reflect its theme. You can easily see the different styles of artists who helped created this artist wonderland.

The Opium Den

The Secret Raindrop Room

The Study


The Kuntree Kitschen

The Haunted Parlour

The Gaudi Submarine

(via Curious Places)

If you’re an artist and feel a bit inspired to stop by this San Francisco monument to creativity, start looking in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. Better yet, check out Jaina Bee’s website for details.