While many people knowingly break the laws, there are also people who are sometimes so distracted with things going on in their lives that they ununtentionaly end up messing with the road rules. That said, problems or no problems, people shouldn’t feel like they can get away easily after breaking rules and putting other’s life in danger. But one recent case was quite different and a Gloucester Township police officer is being praised for his act of kindness as he showed compassion when an innocent woman needed it the most in her life.

On May 11, Officer Tom Sherman demanded a woman to pull over at Route 168 near Station Avenue. She’d broken a traffic rule, so the officer went to her to ask some routine questions and to give her a ticket. But officer Sherman changed his mind when he saw her. She wasn’t herself and was anxious about something.  

The lady shared that she was a little distracted and told officer Sherman what she had been going through in life. In that moment, officer Sherman opted to think like a human and not like an officer. He comforted her, made her feel calm and told her that he won’t give her a ticket. She promised that won’t repeat her mistake and thanked the officer. But the lady was so moved that she stepped out of her car and gave officer Sherman a thank you hug to show him how much she really appreciated his act of kindness. The sweet incident was captured on officer Sherman’s dash cam and was shared by the department to share with people his good deed. 

Check out the video below. 

(Source: Little Things | Video: Gloucester Township Police)