Gigi Hadid ’ s pregnancy is genuine, y’ all!

The supermodel took to Instagram Live to talk about entries from her diary with fans, when the girl finally decided to show off the girl baby bump!

Zayn Malik ’ t future baby momma accepted she hadn’ t already been posting much about her being pregnant journey due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic plus fight for social justice, observing that the baby growing within her wasn’ t “ the most important thing in the world. ” (Tell that to them! LOLz! )

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Nevertheless , she decided to quell the girl fans’ thirst for *pregnancy content* by stepping back again from the camera and exposing the girl belly, telling viewers:

“ There’ t my belly, y’ most. Like… it’ s generally there. ”

It really is!

Watch it (below)  to see for yourself!

As well as for a longer version of Gi’ s IG Live, ch-ch-check out the clip (below).

So cheerful!

Fans have already been craving a peek with Gigi’ s belly regarding so long, she started well-known because of it.   All of us can’ t imagine the response she’ ll get when the baby’ s actually born…