G-Eazy isn’t keeping their relationship with Ashley Benson under wraps any longer!

The rapper as well as the Pretty Small Liars alum have been linked for several months following her split through longtime GF Cara Delevingne . However , G-Eazy — real name Gerald Earl Gillum — hasn’t specifically been shouting their appreciate from the rooftops.

But in a new chat with ET ‘s Katie Krause (along with musical collaborator blackbear ), the particular artist broke his quiet — and spoke very highly of his brand new girlfriend.

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The 31-year-old gushed:

“She’s an exceptionally talented individual in many different spaces. She’s a special one. ”


But he’s not only a man in love — he’s also speaking being a musican! On gurl’s music talents he waxed instead lyrical as well:

“Obviously, she’s an excellent actress, but , you know, arriving at work with her and placing her in front of a mic and watching her perform so effortlessly, she has this particular very special tone of voice plus texture and something that’s quite innate to her given that is not her first work or what she’s reputed for. It just blew myself away that you can have this type of hidden, special talent which the world doesn’t get to see as frequently. ”

Aww, cute!!

Not only does Lung burning ash have a great singing voice, yet she also has a knack for songwriting! The No Limit artist revealed he or she and Miz Benson have got written songs together, even though he’s not sure if their unique tracks have a home in the upcoming album:

“They sound like the actual sound like. And they’re within my studio and, you know, probably one day they’ll see the lighting of day, we’ll notice. ”

Though he didn’t jump into what the songs are usually about, the Oakland-born artist won’t be straying through discussing matters of the center in his new project, hinting at tracks on “heartbreak, ” possibly regarding ex-GF Halsey :

“I’ve experienced love in my living. I’ve experienced heartbreak inside my life and caused heartbreak in my life and obtained heartbreak in my life. The strength of music is to convey and capture the human encounter. We live and we encounter things. Music for us is definitely an outlet, a way to channel the items we go through and put in to a tangible forum. ”

However , this individual doesn’t want to make things “too autobiographical” — preferring to maintain some things on the personal side to keep them secure:

“Even if you’re in love plus sometimes you just want to preserve plus protect somebody. … Simply keeping some of that shielded. ”

The relationship must be pretty vital that you him to ban composing songs about it!

As for that love along with Ashley… he seems to discover things continuing down a significant path! blackbear, real title is Matt Tyler Musto , lately became a first-time father, which G-Eazy noted is definitely “exciting” — and possibly during his own future:

“We shall find. You can’t fast forward film production company. You gotta watch this the whole way through. ”

View more from G-Eazy (below):

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Will this pen couple make it through 2020?! Your guess is as great as ours! Sound away from (below) in the comments together with your take!

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