OTTAWA— The federal government would be to spend millions more to assist remote and rural Native communities cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to declare today significant new financing for First Nations, Inuit, and Metis communities, section of which is intended to help all of them bolster their public wellness response to the pandemic.

That could include procedures such as hiring more wellness workers, building isolation amenities, or purchasing medical items and equipment.

Another part of the funding would be to help residents in these remote control communities pay for the pandemic-induced increase in their cost of living.

And a third  component is to  help areas build women’ s pet shelters amid reports that household violence has spiked  since families have been  required to isolate themselves to control the spread of the fatal virus that causes COVID-19.

The new funding will be on top of the $305-million  Native Community Support Fund, that the federal government created in 03 to help  First Countries, Inuit and Metis communities  prepare for and cope with the particular pandemic.

Of the $305 million,   $15 million was allotted to  organizations that serve city and off-reserve Indigenous Individuals, who make up  over fifty percent of Canada’ s Local population. The government last week additional another $75 million just for off-reserve organizations.

Residents of remote Local communities are considered among the most vulnerable  during the pandemic.

They often have no ready entry to health care and many live in over-crowded conditions that are ripe meant for spread of disease plus make it difficult to isolate people who may have been exposed.

While  there have been some remote outbreaks, the worst worries of officials about COVID-19 spreading like wildfire through  Indigenous  communities have up to now not materialized.

However , officials warn the particular crisis is far from as well as Canada could face the second  wave of  COVID-19  cases in the fall.