OTTAWA— Existing figures show federal politics parties are seeing a substantial drop in donations this season as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact the life and pocket books associated with Canadians.

2nd quarter financial returns launched by Elections Canada recently show the Liberals, Very conservative, and NDP  took within less money  between 04 and June— when the economic climate was virtually shut down plus Canadians were hunkered within their homes to avoid catching COVID-19— than during the same time period two years ago.

But despite the significant economic impacts the pandemic has already established on many Canadians, politics donations have not entirely dried out.

The Very conservative pulled in $4 million within the second quarter of this calendar year, down from $6 mil raised in the same period of time in 2018, the last non-election year.

The particular Liberals took in $2. 6 million, down through $3. 1 million within 2018, and the NDP obtained $1. 3 million when compared with just $964, 000 2 yrs ago.

The particular Bloc and Green celebrations, meanwhile, saw increases within their donations compared to 2018, using the Green party taking in $721, 000  in second  one fourth, up from $572, 500, and the Bloc  receiving $134, 000, up from a miniscule $44, 000 two years back.