Fans of popular TV series This Is Us were shook by the revelation of Jack’s death on the recent episode of the show. It was revealed that the fire in the house was caused by a faulty slow cooker which was gifted to them by a neighbour long time ago. Unfortunately, the faulty slow cooker bursts into flame causing a massive fire which kills Jack.  

Fans were so upset as well terrified by this that many people threw out their Crock Pots. 

“Feeling mildly concerned,” wrote Twitter user . “Using #Crockpot my mother gave me in 1984 when graduated from college for my first apartment. Making #superbowl2018 chili. #CrockPotIsInnocent”

Shortly after seeing people’s reaction to slow cooker, Mila Ventimiglia who plays Jack Pearson and Dan Fogelmanthe, the creator of This Is Us put together a Super Bowl ad encouraging people to trust Crock-Pot, with the hashtag #crockpotisinnocent.  

“It was unfortunate,” said Milo Ventimiglia. “We’re aware of the impact and we hope to never create pain or upset.”

“Everything that we had written about that episode was slow cooker. It’s always been slow cooker. It always will be a slow cooker. It’s unfortunate the assimilation to a well known well loved and even by me personally owned product by the community online.”

Source: People