An adorable 1-year-old kitten named Odin was left at an animal shelter by his unloving family simply because they didn’t like his attitude. Little Odin is an energetic and playful kitten like any other, but he was abandoned for being that way. 

The shelter was shocked when they learned why Odin was abandoned and were disgusted when Odin’s family requested to put him down. Thankfully, the shelter staff declined their request and took the sweet kitten in. 

Odin was checked by the vet for health issues and as suspected he was in bad shape and was suffering from severe eye infection. It got so bad that the vet had to perform an eye surgery which caused Odin to lose one eye. 

Despite having one eye and his sad past, the shelter was confident that there’s a loving family waiting for him. And they were right because just months later, a woman named Alaina heard about Odin from her roommate and fell in love with him. 

“I just knew from my roommate that her friend had a ragdoll who was missing an eye that needed a home,” Alaina said. “So we met him, and were told the story behind him. It was so upsetting to hear what he had dealt with, and the love he needed going forward. We decided to adopt him and bring him into our family.”

Alaina brought Odin home and it didn’t take long for the fluffy creature to get comfortable in his new home.

Source: The Dodo