Donald Trump ‘s wandering eye allegedly caught up to your pet again… and even though we are ashamed by the allegation, we can not actually be surprised at all any more, to be honest.

The particular jaw-dropping news this time originates from Samantha Cohen , the daughter to Donald Trump ‘s former personal lawyer plus “fixer” Michael Cohen . Yes, that’s exactly the same Michael Cohen who visited prison earlier this year on costs of fraud, tax forestalling, campaign finance violations, plus lying to Congress, who simply so happens to have created a book Disloyal: The Memoir — about working for Trump which was released to the public final Tuesday.

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Cohen themselves has been making the mass media rounds for some time now to market the book, and on Mon, his daughter Samantha hopped into the mix, sitting down along with CNN ‘s Alisyn Camerota on Brand new Day to speak about her reaction to her dad’s work. During the interview, Camerota questioned the now-23-year-old Cohen about a very specific tale from back in 2012 that will her father had written regarding in the book.

Apparently, Samantha had been playing tennis games at Trump’s property within Bedminster, New Jersey while the girl father and The Donald had been talking off court, based on Cohen’s tale of the event As the young girl — remember, she was just fifteen years old at the time — walked to her father standing presently there with Trump after completing her tennis match, the previous Apprentice host couldn’t help themselves, according to the book’s passage since reported by Vanity Fair :

“Trump’s interest was diverted to another dress walking off a tennis games court. ‘Look at that will piece of a**’ Cohen recalls Trump saying, as he whistled and pointed, ‘I want some of that. ’ This so happened that Trump was referring to Cohen’s after that 15-year-old daughter, Samantha. Cohen informed Trump of their mistake. ”

Anyone think this individual apologized and felt mortified like a normal person? LOLz.

“‘That’s your daughter? ’ Trump responded. ‘When did the girl get so hot? ’ When Samantha reached the girl dad, Trump asked the girl for a kiss on the quarter, before inquiring, ‘When do you get such a beautiful amount? ’ and warning the girl that in a few years, he would become dating one of her close friends. ”

Ummm… WTF?!?! Who states that about a 15-year-old woman?! And then what the f**k is that comment about dating the girl friends?? Remember, this supposed incident occurred in 2012, plus Trump had married 3rd wife Melania back in 2005, so…

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To this day, Samantha admitted she doesn’t wish to believe Trump was striking on her directly even with individuals disgusting comments — yet she has no doubt about their affinity for younger ladies. She added:

“I didn’t obtain the impression that he was striking on me directly, yet I had the impression which he was interested in younger ladies, and that, you know, women might age out for him, which when one woman grew to become too old, he’d look for a new younger one. ”

Hmm! Men…

Camerota and Cohen re-hashed the particular incident during the interview, with all the now 23-year-old woman credit reporting the story and noting she’d “become desensitized to guys making these kinds of comments” regarding her body and look.

Still, all these many years later what is seared directly into her memory was just how “insulting” it was when Trump freely criticized her father right in front of the girl in the same breath:

“I’m certain many women can relate — you become desensitized to guys making these kinds of comments for you, and you allow them to go over the head and you kind of tune out there the noise. But exactly what stood out to me for the reason that moment was he believed to my dad, ‘Well, there is no method that she got the girl looks from you. Thank Lord you married a beautiful lady. ’ And I was desensitized to men making weird comments about me, yet I was not desensitized in order to someone blatantly insulting plus degrading my father in front of myself, someone who I looked as much as and loved very much, which was very upsetting in my experience. probably Trump doesn’t treat my dad so well. ”

No joking!!!

Samantha’s complete interview with Camerota is visible (below):

[embedded content]


For what it is worth (which ain’t a lot! ), White-colored House push secretary Kayleigh McEnany dismissed all of the claims and allegations produced in the interview — and Michael Cohen’s book — when CNN reached out on Mon. Trump’s latest PR mouthpiece told the news outlet:

“Michael Cohen is a disgraced felon plus disbarred lawyer, who humiliated to Congress. He has dropped all credibility, and it is unsurprising to see his most recent attempt to profit off of is situated. ”

Whatever can help you sleep at night , Kayleigh.

Seriously, so what do U think about all these brand new revelations from Cohen’s guide and other sources, Perezcious visitors? Trump fans are only going to keep worshipping him regardless of what… will stories such as Samantha’s tale here actually matter to those GOP voters this November??

We mean, the man BRAGGED to Howard Stern which he intentionally walked in on the Miss Teenager USA changing room. We all already know what a creep he or she is, and that hasn’t changed some thing. *sigh*

Audio OFF about everything Trump-related and more down in the responses (below)!!!

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