Don’t worry! Sir Michael Caine isn’t heading anywhere anytime soon.

In case you skipped it, the 88-year-old actor gave followers a little bit of a terror after seemingly implying that his most recent movie, Best Sellers , would be his last acting gig. Throughout an interview with BBC Stereo ’s Kermode plus Mayo’s Film Evaluation , he described:

“Funnily enough, they have turned out to be my final part, really, since I haven’t proved helpful for two years. And am have a spine issue which affects the leg, so I can not walk very well. And am also wrote an e book, a couple of books, that have been published and effective. So , I’m no longer an actor. I am a writer. Which is beautiful because as an professional you have to get up from half-past six each morning and go to the studio room. As a writer, you can begin writing without departing the bed. ”

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And when asked for clarification if the film had been truly his final, the Batman Begins star responded:

“I think it will be, yeah. There haven’t been any provides, obviously, for two many years. Because nobody’s already been making any films I’d want to do. But additionally, I’m 88. There is not exactly scripts pouring out in which the leading man is 88. ”

His announcement obviously went virus-like — but it at this point sounds like we simply no reason to be worried! In a statement in order to The particular Hollywood Reporter on Saturday, Caine clarified that he is not quite done however, saying:

“Regarding pension, I’ve spent more than 50 years getting out of bed at 6 feel to make movies, plus I’m not eliminating my alarm clock! ”

Phew! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know within the comments (below)!

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