Not surprisingly , French Canadian songs weirdo Grimes gave delivery to her first child with  Elon Musk , and the little future rely on funder is a baby boy. It’ s entirely too suitable that Elon decided to use a shirt that said TAKE UP MARS for the first time he fulfilled his new baby son. Since Elon recently revealed title he and Grimes selected for their baby, and it seems like they picked their title at random from a sub-orbital room shuttle instruction manual. You’ lso are shocked, I’ m certain!

Elon messaged updates on the birth of their child and eventually confirmed their son was born:

He shared several photos of his new baby, such as the one of him holding their kid like an extra-large burrito, and this one, which is a helpful reminder that will it’ s never too soon for Baby’ s 1st Face Filter:

When Grimes was pregnant, she swore she’ d never reveal the sex of the girl baby, because her infant can’ t consent in order to being famous or in public. She also described that she didn’ to want to gender them in the event they decided to question that will later in their life. Well, it’ s been less than twenty four hours, and Elon has already exposed the sex and published two pictures for their 33. 6 million Followers on twitter. It’ s gonna be considered a tense couple of days when they return to Gene Wilder’ s house .

This is 32-year-old Grimes’ first child, and 48-year-old Elon’ s sixth kid. He has a set of 16-year-old twin babies named Griffin and Xavier, and 14-year-old triplets called Damien, Saxon, and Kai, from his marriage in order to his first wife Justine Wilson .

Okay, since I’ ve dragged this particular out long enough, let’ s i9000 get to the name. After tweeting about his kid’ h birth,   Elon had been asked what they named the newborn and it’ s quite on-brand:

X Æ A-12 Musk . Suddenly, having a last-name that makes you think of the smell off a badger’ h ass doesn’ t appear so bad.

Where do we also start with this?! It’ h probably a joke,, but do a goof pick the title? I assume X is obvious as “ Former mate , ” but this really is Grimes and Elon, therefore it could also be pronounced as, “ Crossing . ” We really are losing this for Animal Crossing. Æ is a ligature called a good ash. A-12 could be a mention of the an authentication mechanism . X Æ A-12 isn’ t a lot of a name as it is the particular sequence of numbers plus letters you enter in order to prove to CAPTCHA that you’ re not a robot. It’ s a name that will tells people: My parents possibly smoke something stronger than weed .

But all of this will be made exponentially funnier when X Æ A-12 decides to rebel towards his parents in his teenagers, and causes both Grimes and Elon to have a parent meltdown when their boy demands they start handling him as Scott or even Brayden.

Pic: Twitter