While many celebrities welcome the reprieve from the limelight that the coronavirus pandemic introduced them, Ellen DeGeneres had been directly in the limelight!

The 62-year-old continues to be gracing television screens for a long time as The particular Ellen DeGeneres Show host since 2003, most accusations have bubbled towards the surface claiming the day time TV queen is barely living by the “be kind” philosophy she shares along with viewers.

During the last several months, allegations have carried on to go public from previous staff members of the “toxic” office environment and everyday people who have interacted with the host — all claiming things are not actually what they seem.

As Season eighteen kicks off today, let’s have a look back at everything we all know about the host’s troubled pen:

Is Ellen DeGeneres MEAN??? These two Behind-The-Scenes Stories Are NOT An excellent Look!

Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars Bodyguard Comes Forward, Wants She Is NOT A Nice Individual!

Ellen DeGeneres Struggling With Gossips About Her Mean Status: ‘The Hits Just Maintain Coming’

Former Ellen DeGeneres Show Employees Come Ahead With New ‘Toxic Function Environment’ Accusations!

Ellen DeGeneres’ Employees ‘Loving’ All The Statements Being Made About The Show’s ‘Toxic Work Environment’!

The Ellen DeGeneres Display Being LOOKED INTO Over Toxic Workplace Atmosphere Allegations!

Radio Host Recalls ‘Bizarre’ Rules For Meeting with Ellen DeGeneres: ‘You Do not Approach Her, You Do not Look At Her’

Ellen DeGeneres Addresses Toxic Workplace Accusations In Letter To Employees: ‘I Am Disappointed… We are Sorry’

New Accusations Through Dozens Of Former Ellen Display Employees Reveal Sexual Wrong doings & Harassment From Professional Producers

Brad Garrett Will not Accept Ellen DeGeneres’ Apology, Says He Knows Individuals She PERSONALLY Mistreated

Ellen Reportedly Contemplating QUITTING The girl Show Completely As Staffers Call BS On Her Apology!

James Corden Reportedly Becoming ‘Lined Up’ To Replace Ellen DeGeneres On Daytime TELEVISION Talk Show

Ellen DeGeneres Is Reportedly ‘Pissed That individuals Have Come Forward’ And ‘Wants Out Of The Show’ ASAP!

Ellen DeGeneres Dubbed ‘Talk Display Karen’ As Source States THESE A-Listers Are In The particular Running To Take Over!

Portia de Rossi Tries To Protect Ellen DeGeneres By Starting Bizarre Fan Support Advertising campaign!

Ellen DeGeneres’ Employees Informed ‘Things Will Be Very Different Now’ During Heated Meeting — Deets Here!

More Previous Ellen Show Staffers Arrive Forward, Slam Ellen DeGeneres As ‘Awful’ & ‘Power-Hungry’

Katy Perry Publicly Guards ‘Positive’ Ellen DeGeneres Among Toxic Talk Show Episode!

Kevin Hart Defends Ellen DeGeneres Because Of Course He or she Does

Tony Too?! Ellen’s Former DJ Says He or she Also Experienced ‘Toxicity’ At work!

Ashton Kutcher Is The Most recent To Defend Ellen DeGeneres, States She ‘Never Pandered In order to Celebrity’ & Immediately Will get Called Out By Enthusiasts!

Ellen DeGeneres Reportedly ‘Crushed’ By Show Scandal Because Her Brother Publicly Guards Her Reputation Calling The particular Accusations ‘Bulls**t’

Ellen’s Rankings Are IMPLODING!

Ellen DeGeneres Tried To Get A Restaurant Machine FIRED Over Her Toe nail Polish?!

Howard Stern Includes a WILD Solution To The Ellen DeGeneres Problem!

Portia sobre Rossi Says Ellen DeGeneres Is ‘Doing Great’ Among Talk Show Scandal — Anyone Buying This?

Ellen Show Resident DJ Stephen tWitch Boss Speaks Out More than ‘Toxic’ Workplace Allegations

Katy Perry Talks Her Scientific Depression, Defending Ellen DeGeneres, & Getting Dragged In to the Kesha/Dr. Luke Drama!

Kevin Hart Meets Up With Ellen DeGeneres For Lunch Right after Defending Her Amid Speak Show Scandal!

Anne Heche Reflects On Her Time Online dating Ellen DeGeneres Amid Poisonous Workplace Scandal: ‘There Remains Work To Do’

Ellen Makers FIRED!

Inside Ellen’s ‘Emotional’ Apology To Staff Pursuing the Ousting Of Three Professional Producers

UPDATE: The Truth At the rear of Ellen’s Viral ‘Mean’ Twitter update From 2009!

Kevin Übertrieben kritisch Doubles Down On Support Associated with Ellen DeGeneres & Computer chip Cannon’s Recent Controversies

Ellen Personnel Being Told: ‘Don’t Be Afraid’! LOLz, That’ll Work…

Sofia Vergara Is The Latest Star To Defend Ellen DeGeneres: ‘I Was Never A Victim’

Ellen DeGeneres Says She’ll Be ‘Talking To Fans’ Upon Returning To Talk Display Set Next Month

Rosie O’Donnell Defends Ellen — Plus Blames Her Bad Popularity On Fame & ‘Social Awkwardness’

Ellen Display Producer Andy Lassner Says ‘It’s Already been A Rough Couple Of Months’ Following Toxic Workplace Promises

Mariah Carey Recalls ‘Extremely Uncomfortable’ Interview With Ellen DeGeneres, Takes A Dig On Eminem, & More!

Not simply The Show! Inside Ellen DeGeneres’ Cruel, Twisted Remedying of Household Staff!

Ellen DeGeneres Sarcastically Addresses ‘Great’ Summer season Of ‘Toxic’ Workplace Accusations In Season 18 Elite — WATCH!

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