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Drake Bell , known for   Drake & Josh, Amanda Display , All of that, and Splash (the celebrity diving display, not the Daryl Hannah movie),   has changed call him by his name to Drake Campana, additional a little Mexican flag in order to his Twitter handle,   and is making a stab on being a Spanish-language singer. OK, sure! Now, exactly what does Campana mean? Bell. One more: OK, sure!   Drake, given birth to: Jared Drake Bell, provides English, Scottish, and Swedish DNA. He’s from Orange colored County, CA and his parents’ last names are Dodson and Bell. You can’t obtain much whiter than that will! But last year he fled the country and moved to South america.

Here’s Drake’s new passport (um, should not he be blurring out there some of that info? ):

A year ago Drake gave us a caution of things to come whenever he tweeted (in The spanish language, of course): “My social networks will now just be in Spanish, no more English”:

Great new song (uh also, someone’s gotta change call him by his name on Vevo! ) “Diosa” (which is Spanish just for “Goddess”):

This individual recently told Esquire South america (translated via Popbuzz):

“Growing up in Southern Ca, there has always been a Philippine influence, especially where We grew up, which is Orange Region, so I always kept in mind. I actually went all the time and when I actually started doing tours, I acquired to know places that I dropped in love with. ”

Speaking about his music, this individual continued: “I wanted to take a step for the fans of South america, with Latin rhythms and am wanted to do something like the things i have heard on the tours and visits in order to Mexico. I love writing within Spanish, it is a beautiful language”.

Tweets obviously had thoughts the minute his large Mexican fanbase and career became information:

Drake’s had some difficulties in the last few years. He visited prison for his second DRUNK DRIVING in 2016, and this August his former girlfriend went on TikTok and charged him of verbal plus physical abuse. Drake refused the allegations because simply no man has ever replied with, “Yep, ya got me! I am a piece of shit! ” ¡Ay,   Dios mío!

Pic: Instagram